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120,000… 130,000… 140,000… Still rising. 160,000… but then Goku stops at 180,000 and Ginyu can't believe it. Jheese thinks there's no way they can win since Captain Ginyu's highest number is only 120,000. Ginyu then wonders if he's really a Super Saiyan. Goku remembers Vegeta saying something about it as well, but he doesn't know anything about it. Jheese freaks out at the thought of becoming a Super Saiyan, the legendary strongest warrior that Freeza fears the most.

Goku tells them that there is no way they can beat him and he doesn't want to fight a pointless battle so they should leave this planet. Ginyu can't believe it and asks if he's serious. Goku says yes, and since Ginyu is such a skilled fighter, he doesn't want to kill him. "You don't want to kill me? Don't you want to fight a useless battle?" Ginyu thinks that a Super Saiyan, the strongest warrior in the entire universe, would enjoy blood and battle. He figured that Goku must not be a Super Saiyan yet. But Ginyu still knows that Goku is much stronger than him, and laughs at this extraordinary technique.

Meanwhile, Freeza approaches the eldest's house and notices that there are only three Namekians there. Nail knows he's almost there and the eldest finishes feeding Dende. He tells Dende to hurry up and go help the earthlings, so Dende reluctantly leaves, telling Eldest not to die. Dende flies right past Freeza on his way out, but Freeza doesn't worry about him. Freeza lands and jumps out of his pod. Nail comes out of the house and asks if she wants anything. Freeza explains that he has collected all seven of their dragon balls, but he can't wish for something, so he wants them to tell him how. Nail says he would never say that to an evil person like him. Freeza thinks he should be more obedient and says there are two people so he might as well just kill him.

Nail says it's fine, but before they argue, he has to explain something: “The other person in the house is the oldest planet Namek. Dragon balls are the creation of the oldest. Get it in your head! If you were to kill the eldest, the Dragon Balls would also disappear! Freeza thinks about this "eldest" and fires a couple of eye lasers at the window, then flies up and looks inside. He looks at the eldest and asks if he will answer instead so he doesn't have to kill the other. The eldest says that Nail is the only fighting type on this planet and is not like those who were killed before. Freeza takes that as a "no". The eldest telepathically asks Nail to at least buy some time, and Nail understands. Freeza decides that if he is stubborn, he will have to show him the horror of the greatest in the entire universe!