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"Ginyu" (clearly speaking as Goku) asks, "How come I'm there...?!" 'Goku' says because they swapped bodies, and 'Ginyu' wonders as Jheese returns 'Goku' back his explorer. 'Goku' says that he will go back to the spaceship now and he likes how fast this body can fly. 'Ginyu' says he can't move and figures that must be why he got hurt. "Oh no…!! The way things are, what if I, no, they meet Kuririn and Gohan…!! 'Ginyu' weakly tries to fly away, but he can't move much and he's worried that he'll scare Chi- Chi when he gets home to Earth.

Kuririn and Gohan reach Bulma's hideout, wake her up and ask her for the Dragon Radar. But first she yells at them for running away with Vegeta and leaving the girl alone. Kuririn weakly requests that he hurry up and give them the Dragon Ball so they can make a wish. He can't believe they still didn't wish for something and yells as the radar says they have all seven together. Then Gohan gets the radar and says they're that way and they're getting ready to leave. Bulma yells at them to tell her what's going on first, but Gohan says he'll explain later, they have to hurry now. "Oh yes! Father got here!" Bulma is excited about this and Kuririn says they have to hurry and the two fly off. Bulma thinks about how amazing Goku has achieved and how much she argues with Yamcha and thinks she made a bad choice.

Vegeta arrives at Freeza's ship and notices that Freeza is not there, so he goes inside. He doesn't see the Dragon Balls anywhere and wonders where they are hidden or if Freeza took them with him. However, he believes that these earthlings can use their strange device to find the dragon balls. In the meantime, he decides to change into some new battle armor while thinking about the strange medicine Kakarrot gave him that healed his wounds and restored his strength. The only type of combat jacket in his size is the old type, but then he notices that Earthlings have gotten there. Gohan and Kuririn stopped in front of the ship and noticed that no one was there and that the Dragon Balls were not on the ship. Gohan finds the place where they are buried, so they start digging them up. Vegeta looks on, thinking of how to get rid of them once they summon that Shenlong. They finally have all the Dragon Balls and Kuririn yells, “Come out Shenlong!!!! And grant me my wish!!!!” But...nothing happens. Kuririn wonders why Shenlong isn't coming out and Gohan thinks maybe the words are a little different. Then everyone notices someone coming. There are two evil ki so it must be Ginyu and they are worried about what happened to Goku. Kuririn and Gohan both hide and launch their ki as 'Goku' and Jheese land near the ship.