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'Goku' and Jheese wonder what's going on digging up the Dragon Balls, but then Kuririn comes running out of hiding. He figures that Goku defeated that Ginya guy and his henchman is now on their side. 'Goku' asks how he knew where the Dragon Balls were and Kuririn tells him that of course they used the Dragon Radar. "Goku" figures out that they made a wish, but Kuririn explains that Shenlong didn't come out. "Goku" is happy to hear that. Kuririn says that Goku is acting strange and asks why he's wearing a scout. Gohan then shouts, "Kuririn-san!!!! That's not father!!!!" But it's too late and 'Goku' punches Kuririn in the face, knocking him back a bit. Kuririn wonders what's going on and Gohan insists that he's not the father, though he doesn't know how. Explaining that they swapped bodies, 'Goku' poses with Jheese and says, “That's right!!! It’s me, the commander of the special unit Ginyu, Ginyu!!!” 'Goku' then decides to show off his incredible battle power of over 180,000 as Kuririn still thinks that Goku has been hypnotized. Then 'Goku' charges at them.

'Ginyu' tries to rush to reach Kuririn and Gohan, but he is not used to this body. But then he realizes, "Since I'm not used to this body, he must not be used to my body either!" Meanwhile, 'Goku' kicks Kuririn and Gohan and they both jump out of the way. He then hits them and they both try to block it and Vegeta wonders why Kakarrot isn't fighting at full power. Kuririn and Gohan continue to delay him while Jheese points out that 'Ginya' has arrived. 'Ginyu' explains that the guy is not him and they switch bodies. Kuririn and Gohan finally realize that it must be true. He tells them it's Ginyu and they should be able to defeat him as they are now. 'Goku' says he can't lose in this body and 'Ginyu' says he'll find out soon enough. He does not know how to use the Kaiō-Ken, and his spirit and body must be as one, so he cannot use all of his power. Thinking he's bullshitting, 'Goku' starts powering up and asks Jheese what his fighting strength is. 23,000… 'Goku' can't believe it as Kuririn knocks him to the ground. 'Goku' then tells Jhees to help in the fight until Vegeta appears behind Jhees and says "Your opponent is me!" 'Ginyu' is happy to see Vegeta.