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'Goku' is knocked back into the ship but gets up and throws a ki shot at Gohan. However, Gohan easily blocks it and jokes about its ineffectiveness. 'Goku' can't believe it and Kuririn asks if he heard what Goku said before about not being able to use that body. Kuririn says he should give up and 'Goku' just gets mad and starts beating on him, but Kuririn easily blocks everything. Meanwhile, Vegeta and Jheese exchange blows, and Jheese is surprised that Vegeta doesn't appear on his scout. Vegeta says that he relies too much on his scout and that he would understand if he fought those guys. Jheese can't believe that Vegeta is any match for him, but Vegeta says that he's just scared of Jheese and tells him to check on his beloved explorer. Jheese watches and freaks out, thinking it must be broken. Vegeta explains that he is overcoming Saiyan limitations and his power is constantly growing. “The truth is, I've also realized it now… The growth of this power is not like that of an ordinary genius… In other words, I'm also fast approaching… becoming a Super Saiyan!”

Jheese tells Vegeta to cut the crap. Vegeta says that Kakarrot cannot become a Super Saiyan, but he is different. Vegeta then kicks Jhees in the face, flies behind him and punches Jhees in the chest, shattering his armor. Jheese is now upside down and coughing up blood as Vegeta puts a palm to Jhees face. Then, boom, Vegeta launches a huge blast right at Jhees, completely obliterating him. 'Ginyu' thinks he did, but Vegeta goes on to say that Kakarrot is too naive and that's why he can't become a Super Saiyan. 'Goku' can't believe that Jheese killed Vegeta and Vegeta decides that since they still haven't finished off Ginyu, he will do it himself.

Vegeta flies over and hits "Goku" hard in the stomach, then punches him into the distance. Vegeta flies after 'Goku', kicks him into the air and then slams him into the ground. 'Goku' barely moves and Gohan and Kuririn are shocked. 'Ginyu' tells Vegeta that enough is enough and not to kill him. But Vegeta announces that it's the final blow and starts flying straight at 'Goku'. 'Ginyu' notices 'Goku' scowling and realizes what he plans to do. As Vegeta quickly approaches, 'Goku' suddenly yells, "CHAAAAAAAAAANGE!!!!!"