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"Alright...!! If you want to die so badly, I'll show you!!!" Gohan and Kuririn ponder this transforming business, so Vegeta explains that some aliens withhold their true form to conserve energy. Freeza says he is different and when he transforms he can't control himself. Vegeta says he's bluffing, but Freeza insists he's not. To give them an idea of ​​how powerful he is, Freeza tells them that when he attacked Planet Vegeta, where the Saiyans lived, he defeated the King, Vegeta's father, without having to transform. But Vegeta doesn't care because when he was just a brat he was stronger than a king. Freeza turns on a bit, only to take off his battle jacket. Vegeta laughs and says that stripping isn't a transformation. But then Freeza starts to really get stronger and his body starts to get much bigger and his horns get longer. Freeza tells him to be careful because he won't be as kind as before. And now that he has transformed, his battle strength should be over a million.

Freeza raises his hand and causes the entire island to explode. Vegeta and Gohan get away safely, as does Kuririn who is holding Dende. Kuririn is bleeding from the head, but from the stone fragment that hit him. Freeza compliments them on avoiding it and then wonders which one of them he should send to hell first. Making his decision, he flies straight into the air and stabs Kuririn in the stomach with his horn.