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Gohan yells at Kuririn while Vegeta thinks he was an idiot for being taken with a Namekian brat. Freeza starts shaking Kuririn and then throws him into the sea. Gohan tries to fly down after him, but Freeza gets in his way. Freeza tells Gohan that there's no point in trying to save him, but Gohan yells at Freeza to get out of the way. Gohan suddenly kicks Freeza in the face, hits him with an uppercut, and then slams both fists into Freeza's stomach. Gohan kicks Freeza away and then fires a huge blast at him, knocking Freeza to the ground. Gohan continues his attack and fires a bunch of blasts at Freeza as Vegeta watches in pure shock. Gohan finally stops and catches his breath as Vegeta thinks about how much power he puts out when he's in a frenzy, thinking that the brat is actually the closest he'll ever get to being a Super Saiyan.

Gohan looks down at Kuririn but sees Dende in the water holding Kuririn and Dende says he's still breathing. Vegeta says there's no time to worry about it because even Freeza isn't dead. Gohan looks to see Freeza standing up. Freeza says he did well, but his little anger just wasn't enough. Vegeta thinks they were naive. Speaking of naive... Goku, still in the medical machine, hopes everyone can hold out a little longer before he heals. And elsewhere, Piccolo continues to fly and notice how Freeza has gotten stronger. "I'm on my way Gohan!!!!"