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Gohan can't believe that Dende was killed as Piccolo realizes that Freeza must have seen Dende heal them. Goku notices that someone has died and that Vegeta is even stronger. He wishes he knew more about what was going on. Freeza then suddenly disappears and reappears right next to Piccolo, Gohan, and Kuririn. “I promised, didn't I? To show you a terror greater than Hell." Gohan punches him, Kuririn kicks him, and Piccolo swings at him, but Freeza easily dodges them all. Gohan and Kuririn keep trying punches and kicks as Piccolo levitates and fires , but Freeza jumps the blast. Kuririn and Gohan then fire at him, but Freeza disappears. Vegeta shouts that Freeza is behind them, and Freeza says that he is. Freeza then shoots two fingers at Gohan, and Vegeta yells, "Get out of away you idiot!!!" as he kicks Gohan out of the line of fire. Suddenly there is a huge explosion as the blasts hit a nearby island.

Piccolo, Kuririn, and Gohan can't believe it, with Kuririn again stating that he can't see Freeza's movements or attack. Piccolo thinks that Vegeta saw it and wonders how Vegeta got so charged up. Gohan thanks Vegeta for saving him, but Vegeta tells them to make no mistake, he just wants to show them something good. Piccolo asks if he thinks he can beat Freeza, and Vegeta assumes he does. Vegeta tells them they are in the way and they should go back and watch. Freeza tells Vegeta that his confidence is great or wonders if he has lost his mind. Vegeta tells him, “Now you can laugh like that…! But right here is what you fear the most, a Super Saiyan." Freeza is worried at first, but then laughs and says that Vegeta is joking, as usual. The others wonder about this Super Saiyan thing, as Vegeta flies at Freeza and says that Kakarrot won't turn. Freeza suddenly disappears as Vegeta punches him and from a distance Freeza laughs wondering if he's even really a Super Saiyan. Vegeta is shocked as he can't believe how fast Freeza got.