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Goku says that Vegeta could barely move anymore so there was no need to hit him. Freeza just says that Vegeta keeps getting upset because of this stupid Super Saiyan and hates strays. “K-Kakarrot… You keep saying such damn naive things… You're not a Super Saiyan… You stupid ass…! Become heartless…! If you get rid of your naivety… you should definitely become… a Super Saiyan… !" Goku says that he can't be heartless like Vegeta and he doesn't know anything about this Super Saiyan. Vegeta tries to explain but Goku tells him to stop talking or he'll just die early. "L-Listen Kakarrot... Planet, that you and I were born on... When Planet Vegeta was destroyed... It wasn't because of the collision with the giant meteor... Freeza attacked it...! Even though we worked under him and obeyed his every command... He killed everyone but us... Your parents, my father, the king... He was afraid that he might be born a Super Saiyan... Please defeat Freeza. .. Saiyan's hand…” Then Vegeta finally dies and Freeza says he wants the show to start.

Goku thinks it must be really bad with Vegeta crying and begging him. Goku blasts a hole in the ground to bury Vegeta. “I see… You were sorry that your Saiyans were killed, right…? It looked like you were being nice to him, but you regretted it, and I guess you couldn't help it...? I really didn't like you, but you had Saiyan pride... That pride might have flowed through me a little too... I'm a Saiyan who grew up on Earth! In the name of the Saiyans you killed and in the name of the Namekians here, I will defeat you!!!” Freeza thinks he is talking complete nonsense as Piccolo tells Kuririn and Gohan that they all need to move. As Gohan flies away, he tells his father not to die and defeat Freeza.

Goku suddenly lunges at Freeza and Freeza blocks his punch. Freeza punches Goku but Goku dodges and punches Freeza but Freeza dodges. Freeza kicks Goku and Goku flies back into the air, then Freeza fires eye lasers at him. But Goku disappears and reappears behind Freeza and slashes at him, but then Freeza disappears. Goku turns around as Freeza flies out of the water and fires at Goku. He stands up to grab it and gets pushed backwards through the mountain before finally stopping and throwing a blast into the air. Goku comments that his hands really hurt as Freeza just stands there looking irritated.