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Freeza says that Goku is strong, but he is getting tired of this fight. But before ending it, he wants to ask Goku if he will work under him. He thinks it would be a waste to destroy such a force that is greater than even Captain Ginyu. Goku asks Freeza if he really thinks he would accept such an offer and Freeza thinks no because Saiyans are all stupid. And he, as the last remaining Saiyan, must die. Goku says it won't be that easy. Freeza thinks he's pretty confident and says that he realized that even though Goku is seriously fighting now, he still has quite a bit of power left. Although Freeza estimates that if he used 50% or half of his maximum power, he could turn Goku into space dust. Goku thinks he must be exaggerating. Freeza says it was fun and it's been a really long time since he had this much practice.

Piccolo says that they are both looking for time to attack and goes on about how both Goku and Freeza have long since surpassed their (Piccolo and everyone's) understanding. Freeza and Goku stare at each other and Goku suddenly realizes that Freeza is not bluffing. Freeza attacks Goku and elbows him in the face. Just as Goku got back to his feet, Freeza swept and kicked him, grabbed Goku by the neck with his tail, punched Goku in the stomach, and then dropped him. Goku grabs his stomach and tries to kick Freeza, but Freeza just jumps away. Goku lunges after him, but Freeza kicks Goku in the face and flies away. When Goku finally gets to his feet, Freeza notes that Goku is finally starting to breathe heavily, though it's amazing that he hasn't died yet.

Piccolo thinks the difference in their hidden strengths is too great. Meanwhile, Kaiō thinks it's all over because Freeza is just too strong. Yamcha asks if Goku is still wearing his heavy dōgi, but Kaiō says that he was just wearing normal clothes the whole time. Freeza punches Goku in the face as Tenshinhan says there is nothing to fear and that Goku will win. He figures that Goku must have forgotten the Kaiō-Ken and Goku as he is now could probably use a 10x Kaiō-Ken, and Yamcha agrees. But Kaiō says, “Unfortunately… he uses the 10-fold Kaiō-Ken…”