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Freeza elbows Goku in the face and flies away. Freeza flies after him, but Goku catches himself mid-air and flies to a nearby mountain. Frieza notices this and stops and quickly charges his index and middle fingers. He swings his hand down and cuts right through the mountain Goku is standing on as well as part of the ground and Goku can't believe it. Freeza says it's like he said, he could destroy this entire planet if he wanted to; after all, he was the one who destroyed Planet Vegeta. Goku is worried that he can't win. Kuririn notes that he cut through the planet, but realizes that Goku has to come up with something. Piccolo says that he doesn't think of anything, it's just that Freeza's true power is much greater than they or Goku thought. Freeza says that he can't control his anger anymore and he will finish it soon.

Tenshinhan is shocked to hear that Goku is already using the Kaiō-Ken 10x and thinks he is done with it. Kaiō says that Freeza isn't even using half of his true power on top of that and thinks about telling them to keep their "hands off Freeza no matter what" and now it's all over. Meanwhile, Goku considers using 20x Kaiō-Ken. On the one hand, his body probably won't be able to handle it, but on the other hand, if Freeza is really only at 50%, then he's completely screwed anyway. But then he decides he has no choice but to risk it and hopes that Freeza was bluffing. Goku suddenly explodes with massive power, surprising Freeza, and he flies in and punches Freeza in the face, sending him flying. He then flies after Freeza. "Ka...I..." Goku catches up to Freeza and punches him, but Freeza dodges. "…ha…" Goku ends up in the air and… "I… haaaa!!!!!" Freeza just puts his hand out to stop it and an explosion surrounds him. When the smoke clears, Goku is panting and Freeza isn't dead, just a little bruised. Goku says "T-That bastard...!!!"