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Goku can't believe that Freeza wasn't affected and thinks that he really must be telling the truth and is only using half his power. Meanwhile, Bulma wonders that the ground is shaking, thinking it could be the sound of Gohan and everyone being destroyed. But then he marvels that Goku has already arrived and hopes that he will get here soon and beat up Freeza. Back on the battlefield, Kuririn can't believe that Goku's tremendous Kamehameha barely damaged Freeza. Gohan says that his father's ki is rapidly diminishing, and Piccolo says that it's over, remembering what Kaiō said about "hands off Freeza". Freeza looks at Goku and thinks it was close just now. Frieza looks all scratched up at himself and gets pissed as he lands near Goku who is completely exhausted. Freeza yells, "That hurt... that hurt!!!!!," and flies at Goku, hitting him in the head and sending him flying.

Freeza walks over to Goku and kicks him into the air, then flies up and knocks Goku back to the ground. Freeza then approaches him and asks what happened to all of his power, wondering if he had drained all of his power. Goku thinks that his power is completely gone and how the 20x Kaiō-Ken was ultimately futile. Freeza waves his hand and creates a huge rift between him and Goku. Gohan says he can't take it anymore, but Piccolo tells him that Goku is planning something. Frieza gets a surprised look on his face as Goku throws his hands up in the air. Realizing that it is Genki-Dama, Kuririn tells Piccolo that it is something he learned from Kaiō. “It's an attack that gathers genki from all living things to form an energy ball. Piccolo says that damn Kaiō never told him and the others about any Genki-Dama. Gohan says that there isn't much life on this planet, but Kuririn says that there isn't much of a choice. Goku wishes that not only Namek but all the surrounding planets would lend him some genki. Freeza wonders what he's doing when Gohan and Kuririn notice a huge Genki-Dama forming in the sky.