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Freeza is still trying to figure out what he's doing while Goku thinks he needs "a little more..." The others are amazed at the size of the Genki-Dama, saying that it looks like it's fifty meters in diameter. Kuririn realizes that Goku has to collect ki from other planets to be so huge. Piccolo wonders why he didn't trigger it already, but Kuririn says that Goku probably thinks he needs a lot more ki to beat Freeza. Freeza asks Goku if he's planning something or if he just raised his hands to say he's giving up. Goku thinks, "I'm collecting ki, but my time is up - that's Genki-Dama's weakness... Please, no." not to be seen, just a little longer...!! I'm asking you…!!" Freeza asks how long he plans to keep it up, but Goku kind of laughs it off. Freeza gets pissed and flies over and kicks Goku in the face. Piccolo tells Kuririn and Gohan to give him (Piccolo) his remaining ki.

Goku stands up, throwing his hands in the air again and tells Freeza not to be so impatient. Freeza says "don't mock me" and telekinetically knocks Goku backwards into the water. Kuririn and Gohan each lend some of their ki to Piccolo as Goku emerges and hangs at the edge of the coast. Freeza stands over him and says that he never understood what the Saiyans were thinking. Then Freeza says that he already wishes to continue this boring fight and wants to end him and this planet. He then kills the other baby Saiyan to wipe all Saiyans out of existence. He says that "Super Saiyan" is nothing but a myth, but then notices a reflection in the water behind Goku. "That's not the sun…" Freeza looks up at the sky, sees Genki-Dama, and realizes that it's some kind of huge energy mass and that it was created by Goku.

Piccolo tells them that's enough, they need some more for themselves and notes that the Genki-Dama has been discovered. He tells the two of them to stay here no matter what and then flies off. Goku curses the situation as Freeza scolds him that his last resort is completely useless. Goku punches Freeza, but Freeza catches him with his fist. He prepares to shoot Goku, but just then Piccolo suddenly kicks Freeza in the face, knocking him deep underwater. Piccolo tells Goku to hurry up and finish off the Genki-Dama as he used all of his power in this surprise attack. Freeza comes out of the water and is very angry with the Namekian.