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#20 can't believe it as Vegeta walks over to #19. “What's going on? Did your junk doll calculations turn out to be wrong? #19 jumps back to her feet and goes flying at Vegeta, but Vegeta ducks and then kicks #19 into the air. Vegeta flies behind him, blocks #19's grapple, and then punches #19 in the face. #19 appears to be bleeding from the nose after being hit, and Vegeta asks if it's blood or oil? No. 19 fires eye lasers at him, but Vegeta dodges and appears behind him, knocking No. 19 to the ground. #19 hits hard and creates a huge crater. Vegeta lands in a crater where #19 looks passed out. But #19 suddenly snaps, grabbing Vegeta's wrist and yelling that he won't let go until he absorbs all of Vegeta's energy. Vegeta likes the sound of never and pushes #19's face with his feet, noting how they absorb the energy and add it to theirs. Vegeta keeps pushing on #19's face until #19's hands break.

Vegeta looks at the broken hand and notices the absorption stain on the palm. He then throws both hands to the ground and says that there will be no more absorption and notices that #19 looks scared. "So artificial people feel fear too..." #19 climbs out of the crater and then runs away, and #20 gets angry. Vegeta tells #20 that they will fight after he finishes this. Vegeta takes to the air and launches. He raises his hand, palm facing out, and says, “Take this!! This is Big Bang Attack Super Vegeta!!!” And he fires a huge ball of ki that hits No. 19 and causes a huge explosion. When the smoke clears, nothing remains but #19's head. #20 says, "Obviously our calculations were off... But still, you have absolutely no chance of victory...!" Vegeta just smirks.