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Vegeta touches it and de-transforms back to normal. He turns to Number 20 and says that he absorbed a lot of energy so now is a good chance for Number 20 to try and defeat him. However, No. 20 hesitates. Vegeta then asks what he meant by "absolutely no chance of winning", and #20 mentions something about artificial humans being powerful beyond their imagination and that they couldn't possibly win. Vegeta thinks he's just a poor loser. Then number 20 suddenly flies off into the surrounding mountains. Vegeta yells at Kuririn to hurry up and give him the senzu. Kuririn hesitates and Vegeta yells for him to hurry before he gets away. Piccolo tells him to do it, so Kuririn throws him a senzu. Vegeta then transforms into a Super Saiyan again and tells them to go home and drink their milk and stay out of his way. Then he flies away. Kuririn gets angry and asks what he thinks about drinking milk.

Piccolo says that Vegeta actually lost a lot of power to confirm that artificial humans can absorb energy with their palms. If he had fought number 20 then, he would have lost, but he acted like it was nothing. Vegeta is truly a fighting genius and may have surpassed Goku. In any case, Tenshinhan says that he is going to confirm if this will indeed be the end of artificial humans. Kuririn says he's coming too, and Gohan. Piccolo says, “I see... But don't think you can fight. None of you can match him. He is in the mountains to hide. Since he's an artificial human, you can't search for him by feeling his ki. If you find him, tell Vegeta or me… Be discreet!” And so the four of them fly away.

Vegeta stands over a cliff and yells at the coward to come out and show himself. But number 20 does not budge from its hiding place. Vegeta then decides to let him out and launches a huge ball of ki down into the rocks. Kuririn shouts that they are here too. No. 20 suddenly rushes out and grabs the ball, engulfing the whole thing. Vegeta gets angry and flies after him, but #20 quickly runs away. Vegeta gets really pissed that he's so fast, and #20 is smug that he has the advantage. However, #20 thinks Vegeta is at that level... he'll have to go back to the lab. Then #20 sees Gohan nearby, then picks up Tenshinhan, then Piccolo, and finally Kuririn. #20 thinks that if he collects all of their energy and adds it to his own, he could defeat Vegeta!