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"Gohan, Tenshinhan, Piccolo or Kuririn?" #20 wonders which energy to take and says that Piccolo should be the strongest after Vegeta. Piccolo is in the air looking around and #20 then grabs him from behind and puts his hand over Piccolo's mouth. #20 says he can't call his friends right now, but he knows where they are so they won't find him. However, Piccolo telepathically calls out to Gohan. Gohan frantically searches for Piccolo's location and then senses a weak ki and flies towards him. #20 tells Piccolo that he only has a sliver of energy left and says he's going to die at this rate. But then Gohan hits #20 from Piccolo and the others feel it. #20 can't believe that Gohan found him and then notices that Vegeta, Kuririn, and Tenshinhan are now here as well. Gohan tells Kuririn to throw Piccolo senzu and Kuririn does so. Piccolo eats it, lands and drops his turban and cloak.

Piccolo tells Vegeta to leave him with number 20 and not help him at all. Vegeta says don't give him any more energy. #20 wonders if he absorbs his energy one more time, then Vegeta... His train of thought is interrupted by a knee to the face from Piccolo. #20 gets mad and flies at him again, but Piccolo just elbows him into a rock. #20 can't believe it, Piccolo shouldn't be able to beat him, especially after he increased his energy. Elsewhere... Trunks is back and floating above a city where artificial humans have appeared. Noticing some destruction, he thinks it's too late, Goku and everyone is gone. But the time machine has enough energy to return home. But then he feels ki; battle ki. They just fight in a different place. So he flies off towards them. Piccolo kicks #20 in the face and Kuririn is really impressed with his training.

Bulma flies an air car with Yajirobe (holding the children's suitcases) in the passenger seat. He says he is going to the place where the big explosion happened. Yajirobe says there is no need and they should go home. Goku and all make it and the brat is here after all. The trunks fly past their car and Bulma recognizes him as the boy from the future. He's probably going to fight, so he wants to follow him. But Trunks notices something and lands. Meanwhile, Piccolo cuts off one of #20's hands and then gives him a little speech. Gohan thinks Piccolo has won. Elsewhere, Trunks is at the site of the previous battle and sees head number 19. "What... this artificial human... What on earth was everyone fighting...!?"