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Piccolo asks if they're in North City yet, and Tenshinhan says almost. They are just outside the city and Tenshinhan is mad that there are mountains everywhere. Piccolo says they'll have to search them and signal when they find it. Kuririn says he's cold and then asks what signal to give. Piccolo says to raise your ki suddenly. Kuririn then asks Tenshinhan if he has any money to buy a coat, but Tenshinhan doesn't and says to deal with it, he's cold too. Piccolo thinks this is really inconvenient for the earthlings and says they have to hurry before #17 and #18 are activated. But first, Kuririn wants to give them some sense. There are six left, so each gets two.

Vegeta tells Trunks to leave, he is depressed. (Neither of them are Super Saiyan now.) But Trunks says he can't. Vegeta asks what will he do if they find the lab, fight him and destroy the artificial humans? Trunks says yes, and no matter how many times he says it, Vegeta has no idea about Terror #17 and 18. Vegeta says that saying it like that makes him want to fight them even more, like a pure Saiyan. No. 20 sees them overhead, still down on the ground, now in a wooded area. He thinks they won't find the lab that easily and then walks a little further until he reaches a cave in the mountain. He jumps up to enter, but then starts beeping. Kuririn is right there, but rather hesitant. #20 thinks that Kuririn can't do anything (Kuririn seems to think the same) and continues further into the cave. There is a huge steel door and he opens it with some kind of access code. #20 tells Kuririn that even if he called his friends, they wouldn't make it in time.

Kuririn powers up anyway and Piccolo, Tenshinhan, Vegeta and Trunks all sense him. Number 20 is now inside the lab with a large stealth door closed behind it. He says he didn't want to activate these two if possible. But as it is now there is no choice and they should be fixed. He first approaches a large capsule with "17" on it, then unlocks it and lets out No. 17, a boy with long black hair and a scarf around his neck. Number 17 notices that Number 20 is holding a remote and says, "Good morning, Dr. Gero-sama." No. 20 is surprised and thinks he fixed it well. Then he opens "18" and out of the number 18 comes a cute blonde in jeans. Then he also notices the controller and says, “Good morning, Dr. Gero-sama. I see you have also become an artificial man.” No. 20 says he wanted eternal life.

“Honestly, it's a relief. There wasn't much control before to make most of your features work with an eternal energy reactor and massive power. You disobeyed any of my orders before. Now you get to work right away. Son Goku's little friends will be here soon and you have to take them all out and leave no one standing. Okay?" They both agree. They hear a bang on the door, which means the good guys are here. Tenshinhan and Kuririn try to break in, but Piccolo tells him to move so he can destroy him. No. 20 chuckles, then No. . 17 suddenly rips out the remote. # 17 asks if it's their emergency shutdown remote and then smashes it. # 20 asks what the hell it is and # 17 says he'll let him sleep. Piccolo is about to break down the door and Vegeta tells him that they shouldn't destroy the Artificial Humans. He hears Number 20 say, "No. 17!! Stop the stupid jokes and go defeat the enemies on the other side of the door!!!" Kuririn freaks out as he realizes that the Artificial Humans already have been activated.