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Piccolo says they're too late and Vegeta tells him to get out of the way and prepares to kick down the door. The trunks object, saying they should wait for Son Goku, but Vegeta fires anyway. The door is broken and everyone is face to face with artificial people. Vegeta asks if it's really them this time and Trunks says yes. No. 20 says to kill them, they are the ones who killed No. 19. No. 17 is surprised to hear that he did No. 19 and turns into him as well. He figured they were energy absorbing types, and number 20 confirmed that. #18 wonders why he went back to the old energy absorbing types, maybe the power of the eternal types was too much to control? #20 says it's not important, just hurry up and get rid of them. #17 says it's time for them to do what they want. #18 wanders over to another capsule, "16", and wonders if it's an eternal type as well, even though it looks like a different variety, it's bigger. #20 yells at her not to touch it and Trunks says he didn't know about 16.

Number 17 tells her to activate it, but Number 20 objects, saying that the entire world will be destroyed. “No. 16 was experimental and failed!!! You must not activate it!!!” #18 wonders why he's still here when he failed when everything up to #15 was disposed of #20 says he meant to fix him but that's okay don't activate him or #16 will probably have all the necks . Kuririn wonders if now would be a good time to run, so Vegeta says whatever they want, none of them are going to make it anyway. #17 asks what he means "we probably all have necks"; maybe he is #16's power greater than even his (#17) But he tells #18 to activate it anyway and #20 yells that they failed along with #16.#18 prepares to open and #20 yells , so that he doesn't press the switch.

#17 then puts his arm right across #20's chest, then pulls it out and kicks his head. The head of twenty calls them junk, so number 17 steps on their head. Kuririn can't believe he would kill his creator, but Vegeta says it's nothing weird, he's just killing someone he doesn't like, just like a Saiyan would. The strange ones are earthlings. Number 17 tells her to hit the switch, but Trunks says he won't allow it. Trunks suddenly turns Super Saiyan and blows up the entire lab. Boom! The entire cave and mountain the lab was in is gone, but Vegeta says it was pathetic. No. 17 and No. 18 are safe, along with capsule "16". No. 17 says to hurry and open it because the pipe and cord are cut. Vegeta says it was just a waste of energy. No. 18 opens it and there is No. 16.