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No. 17 says the helpers are here and doubts No. 18 could handle them all herself. Number 17 says he will have to go and asks Number 16 if he will go too. "No I will not." #17 thinks he's weird and wonders what he was made for. "Like I said. Defeat Son Goku." Number 17 sighs and walks on, and Tenshinhan tells the others that Number 17 is coming. Trunks tells Vegeta that he needs to run, but Vegeta refuses and tells him to go away. Number 18 tells him he can run if he wants, they are not interested in those who run. "You've got to be kidding me. Starting right now is the time for me to defeat you… What reason do I have to run away… Say what you will, but as for me, I'm fighting alongside Earthlings, Namekians or Kakarrot.. . I'd rather die fighting alone."

#17 starts clapping and says that was a great comment as expected from a Saiyan prince. #17 continues that they seem to place a lot of value on the spirit of Bushido (Way of the Warrior), but if someone interferes, they get involved as well. Vegeta says they're all cowardly peacemakers so they won't do anything. #18 asks if they're going to continue and Vegeta says of course. #18 lunges forward and hits him, sending him flying. He goes after it and Vegeta grabs and kicks off the mountain, then flies at it. He hits her in the head, knocks her into a mountain, and then fires a large blast at her. There's a big explosion, but #18 easily survives, even though he's a lot more tattered now, and Vegeta falls into the wreckage and lands. He takes off his jacket and asks him if Son Goku is even stronger. Vegeta says that he is the strongest now that he was originally.

Vegeta hits her with a flurry of punches and kicks and everyone is stunned, especially Trunks. Except for Piccolo who says that Vegeta will be killed. The enemy's power does not decrease at all, but if Vegeta moves at this rate, his stamina will decrease significantly. #18 elbow blocks Vegeta, then kicks him off his feet and punches him. Trunks becomes angry as #18 kicks Vegeta hard in the arm, Vegeta clutches it and screams in pain. Trunks suddenly turns Super Saiyan and screams "Daaaaaaaad!!!" and flies to his aid.