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The trunks keep flying and number 17 goes after him, then Piccolo and Tenshinhan follow him. Trunks puts his sword down and #18 raises his arm. The sword bounced off her arm and #17 knocked Trunks to the ground. Then Piccolo arrives and #17 hits him with a hard kick. He then gets Tenshinhan in the head and starts choking him. Vegeta flies to attack #17, but #18 grabs his leg. The trunks start to rise, so #18 swings Vegeta at him, knocking them both down. Piccolo gets up and goes to save Tenshinhan. Number 17 throws Tenshinhan aside and lands a really hard blow on Piccolo. Piccolo falls to the ground and Vegeta gets back up and tries to blast #18 with his good arm. But she dodges it, then hits him hard, sending him to his knees to the ground. She kicks him while he's down and then leaves him alone once he's on his back. Vegeta then de-transforms from a Super Saiyan.

#17 notes that his hair has returned to its original color and the strange light is gone. And it's the same with the other guy, who they don't have any data on, but it doesn't matter. The two artificial humans fly back to the road where Kuririn is still standing in shock. Kuririn is scared, but #17 tells him not to worry, they're still alive, so he should hurry up and feed them some senzu to heal. Then Number 17 says they are leaving and Number 18 asks him why he doesn't ask where Son Goku is. Number 17 says it will be more fun if they look for him alone, and Number 18 thinks he's really immature. #17 asks #16 what he's looking at. "You were too noisy, so the birds flew away." Number 18 says that there are almost no cars here and Kuririn is just speechless.