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Vegeta, Trunks, Piccolo, and Tenshinhan are all defeated while Kuririn stands on the path, away from the artificial humans. #17 agrees that there aren't really any cars here and they should fly a little further to a busy place. #18 thinks it's good because then he can get some new clothes. So it is decided, they will go to the nearest town or village. But Kuririn yells at them to wait and runs towards them. He wants to know their intentions; is it to kill goku or cause chaos in the world? #17 says they just want to beat Son Goku for now, they'll think about the rest later. Kuririn asks why, the person who had ill will towards Goku was Dr. Gero, but they killed him. #17 says it has nothing to do with Dr. Ger, it's just a game. Son Goku is supposed to be the strongest in the world after all.

Kuririn can't believe it's all just a game and Number 17 says it's okay if he doesn't tell them where Son Goku is. Search is also part of the game. Kuririn asks if it would do any good to ask them to stop. No. 16 says, “This is not good. We were created to kill Son Goku." #17 tells you to hurry up and feed the other senzu before they actually die. And then #18 leans down and kisses Kuririn on the cheek and says goodbye. The three fly off, leaving Kuririn speechless , until he decides to go help the others. Some time passes and they are all healed. Piccolo is surprised that they knew about the senzu, while Tenshinhan wonders why they didn't kill them. Piccolo thinks they weren't killed because the artificial humans didn't see them as a threat, and is angry at how strong they are Vegeta is angry but says nothing and flies off alone.

Trunks wants to follow but Piccolo says don't let him go. His pride was greatly damaged as he was beaten by an artificial human and a woman no less, even now as a Super Saiyan. Trunks apologizes for what he did earlier and Piccolo tells him not to worry too much. Tenshinhan thinks about how he killed Freeza but these artificial humans defeated him so easily. They think Goku can't be that much stronger than Trunks or Vegeta, so they definitely couldn't win, even with Goku. Trunks says that these artificial people are different, but he could at least fight against the ones he knows. Tenshinhan wonders what they are doing now. Piccolo says they should all go to Son Goku's house first and move him somewhere else. Kuririn says fine, and asks what Piccolo will do next. Piccolo doesn't say, but Kuririn thinks he must have a plan, with a face like that. Kuririn says to tell them because they are all on the same side.

"Same side?! Don't get me wrong. Since when am I on your side! Don't mock me!! I'm from the demon tribe. Don't forget I'm just using you to take over the world!!" Then Piccolo flies off, angry. Remembering that he is the Piccolo Daimaō, Tenshinhan says that he completely forgot and can't believe that he is still after taking over the world. But Kuririn thinks he lied and is really like Goku or Vegeta - he just wants to be stronger than anyone else, so now he flew off for some last resort. Tenshinhan thinks about this last option, so Kuririn reminds him what the direction he flew to is: God's Palace. Kuririn remembers what the eldest told him on Planet Namek, about how if God and Piccolo were not separated, the Saiyans would not have lost. So Kuririn thinks he will be reunited with God. If God and Devil unite, they become a Namekian warrior. With incredible abilities like Goku as a Super Saiyan, maybe he would be a Super Namekian.

Tenshinhan says that without God, the Dragon Balls would be gone, but Kuririn says that it would be the same if Piccolo was killed anyway. Kuririn thinks that Piccolo must have been really cornered to bond with God because he really hates him. Trunks wonders what Fath…no…Vegeta is up to and Kuririn tells him that there's no need to hide anymore, everyone knows he's Bulma's child grown up, except for Vegeta. Tenshinhan says that Vegeta is a proud bastard, so he's probably trying to develop some new techniques now that the artificial humans reappear. Now Vegeta happens to be flying through the air somewhere and he says he's going to regret those artificial people who let him live. Now Trunks, Kuririn and Tenshinhan are flying and Kuririn asks how long it will take for Goku to be healthy again. About ten days. Kuririn thinks that should be enough time to hide him, and says that they're just lucky that the artificial humans don't have any "energy-capturing radar" or something.

Speaking of Goku, he's at home in bed breathing heavily while Chi-Chi is still searching for a cure. Yamcha tells her she has to hurry and she frantically searches until she finally finds it. Yamcha gives it to Goku and Goku begins to breathe easier as he takes it. Yamcha then says that the two should also take some medicine because it's supposed to be a virus. Chi-Chi asks what's up with Gohan, and Yamcha nervously suggests that he's playing somewhere. Meanwhile, Piccolo reaches Karin Tower, flies past Karin and reaches the God's Palace and lands, his turban and cloak reappearing in the process.