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God and Piccolo stare at each other as Mr. Popo looks on nervously. Piccolo says he probably knows why he's here and God says he does. “Originally you and I… No, more precisely, your parent and I were one… I know what you're thinking… I never thought the day would come when you and I would be reunited…” Piccolo says it's not a bond. he just needs it for super power and the only thing God really uses now is Dragon Balls. God agrees with him, one day their difference in power suddenly increased and God was useless against any of these powerful enemies. Even Trunks, who came from the future and instantly defeated Freeza and his father, and Vegeta, who is stronger than Trunks, were no match for the artificial humans. And it would probably be the same case when Son Goku recovers. “I think the time has come for God and the Great Demon King to become one again…”

Piccolo says that's right, what Earth needs now isn't a god, but his super power. And God says he'll give it to him, but there's one more thing. God wonders if these three artificial people would really harm the Earth. Piccolo wants to know what the hell they're talking about, they just fought artificial humans. God says they were the ones who started the fight and the artificial humans didn't even kill them. Piccolo thinks he didn't hear what Trunks said about the wrecked future. But God has heard and says that these artificial people are a little different from the ones Trunks knew in his future. Piccolo thinks God means they're cute or something, but God says they're not. If he is going to make this final decision, he wants it to be for a reason. Piccolo thinks he is a coward but decides to wait there.

The artificial people fly along and eventually spot a car down at a small truck stop. The two van drivers (for "Lucky Foods") are having coffee while #17 looks into the back of the truck (more like a van) and says that the cargo is in the way. The two drivers wonder what's going on as #16 flips the van over and spills all the cargo. Then all three get into the van, No. 16 in the back where the cargo was, No. 17 in the driver's seat and No. 18 in the passenger seat. Number 17 says they'll go to Son Goku's house now, but Number 18 protests, saying he wants some new clothes first. They drive off and the drivers are left in shock.

Tenshinhan, Kuririn and Trunks fly together and Tenshinhan says he will go back to Chiaotzu, probably scared. Kuririn says that they will take Goku to Muten Roshi's and they should buy a lot of time there. Tenshinhan says to tell Goku not to do anything unreasonable as he turns and flies in the opposite direction. The trunks can't believe how much history has changed for artificial humans to be so powerful, more than two of them. Kuririn says this is how it is now. After a while, they arrive at Goku's house, but before they go inside, Kuririn Trunks wants to ask something - are artificial humans really that bad? Trunks says they are incredibly cold, why? Kuririn says they just didn't look like they were, but Trunks tells him not to think so naively, and Kuririn remembers #18.

Kuririn knocks and Chi-Chi opens the door, hoping it's Gohan, and hits Kuririn in the head. Chi-Chi wonders what Kuririn wants and Kuririn whispers to Trunks that this is Goku's wife. Yamcha comes out and says he's glad they're safe. Kuririn asks about Goku and Yamcha says he's fine, took his medicine and is now sleeping, then wonders why the future child is here. Kuririn says he'll explain later, but for now he has to move to Muten Roshi's. There are three horrible artificial people on the way here. So Yamcha, Chi-Chi, Kuririn and Trunks packed up some things and carried Goku into the capsule plane and decided to wait for Gohan before they left. Gohan finally arrives and wonders what's going on. Kuririn says he'll explain on the way, for now just get on the plane.