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Trunks says it's not a mistake, it's definitely his time machine, but he wonders what it means. Kuririn asks if she knows where this photo was taken, and Bulma says not really, but it's somewhere in the West 1050 district, and then asks if they're going. Trunks is, he wants to see it for himself. Bulma says she'll go too since it's not far from her. Gohan says he'll go too and Trunks thanks him. Chi-Chi gets worried, but Gohan tells her that it's not a dangerous place, then Gohan and Trunks fly off. Bulma tells her mom she's leaving and asks her to take care of Trunks. Bulma's mom wants to know where she's going and Bulma says she's going to meet the big Trunks. Bulma's mom has a surprised look on her face (it might be the only time she's actually opened her eyes). Bulma then takes off in a plane.

Gohan flies along and asks Trunks if the artificial humans in his world were really that cruel, and Trunks says yes. The world's population has dwindled to just tens of thousands. West City is almost completely gone and they have to pay back in a secret underground base. Gohan remembers wanting to find a weak spot. Trunks says they turned to Dr. Gero and he said they were failures. They ended up killing him, but Dr. Gero knew their danger and they should be at test level. So if they are at test level there should be a way to stop them. He thinks there must have been some kind of emergency shutdown device or he wouldn't have reactivated them. Gohan thinks he must be right and Trunks says that's a slim possibility. Trunks then looks at his watch and says this should be the area. They search around until Gohan finds the time machine and calls Trunks. Then Bulma arrives in her little plane and Gohan waves at her. "Hi Trunks, this is your beautiful mother!"

Trunks now has his own time machine and Bulma says that this one is clearly not his. Trunks says no, she only made one time machine in the future. This is also the time machine he used to get here. He wipes off some moss and has "HOPE!!" written on it, that's what future Bulma wrote on it when he was about to leave. Gohan and Trunks float to the thing with the glass roof and there is a hole in it. Gohan thinks it looks like someone burned it. Bulma wonders what could have been inside it and Trunks wants to open the hatch. The trunks climb in and there's some big weird shell in the seat, cracked in half, like a walnut shell or something. Bulma wants to see it and thinks it's an eggshell. Gohan wonders if the thing born from the egg made the hole. Trunks looks at the control panel and says that the power is almost zero. The time machine came from... Age 788. Three years after Trunks' time, even further into the future. And this time happened about four years ago. So it was already a year before Trunks arrived, and Trunks wonders if the big changes in history are actually the fault of this thing.

Piccolo asks God if he's still looking at the lower world, thinking it's a lame hobby. But he wants God to have fun now because he won't have that ability once they unite. God reflects on his turmoil over the past four years, and after all it wasn't because of artificial humans. Even God wants to know what went back in that time machine. "For such a creature of such immense power to exist on Earth, far superior to artificial humans..." Piccolo wants to know what the hell he's talking about. God finally says the time has come for him to resign and team up with Piccolo. Something terrible is about to happen to Earth. It is not like all previous crises. He has a premonition full of doom.