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Piccolo says confidently, "So you've finally appeared, monster.", but is shocked when he turns around to see the monster in full form. The monster is tall, mostly humanoid in stature, but has a very cockroach-like head shape, along with wing-type things on its back. It is spotted, has only three fingers and three toes, and has a long tail with a stinger on the tip. Another victim is holding his jacket and the guy is calling for help. Piccolo wonders what it is and the guy says he'll give him any amount of money to help him since he's the richest man in town. Piccolo doesn't know if the monster understands him, but he tells him to leave the guy. The monster does so, but then suddenly stabs him in the back with the tip of its tail. He sucks the guy in through his tail, leaving him with nothing but his clothes.

“You're next, Piccolo Daimao. Piccolo freaks out and demands to know how she knows his name. The monster then starts powering up, causing the ground to sag a bit, and he says, "I'm your brother." Trunks, Kuririn, Gohan and Yamcha suddenly sense the monster's ki. Gohan says he can feel Freeza's and Freeza's father's ki. Trunks also says that he can sense Goku's son Piccolo and his father. Yamcha agrees, but Freeza and his father are said to be dead. And Gohan says his father is sleeping. They realize it's also in Ginger Town. Trunks says that he will make sure now that it must be the identity of the monster that shed its skin. Elsewhere, Vegeta senses it and so does Tenshinhan.

Back in Ginger Town, Piccolo demands that the monster explain himself. “There is no need, for you will be instant food for me. Piccolo says he'll get it out of him then, and the monster laughs that Piccolo Daimaō thinks he'll be able to kill him. Piccolo thinks he knows about Piccolo for some reason and then starts to turn on. “Sorry, but you mistook me for someone else. The monster is shocked at how powerful Piccolo has become.