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"Ka... I... ha... I... ha!!!!" Freaking out that it's the real thing, Piccolo barely jumps out of the way of the Kamehameha. However, in the air, the monster jumps up behind Piccolo and grabs him, trapping his arms and legs. He drives his tail towards Piccolo's chest, but Piccolo turns away just enough for his tail to go through his left arm. The monster tried to kill him and got angry that he got a hand. But he doesn't mind taking his powerful life extract instead and starts draining the life out of Piccolo's arm. Piccolo manages to headbutt him and escape, though his arm shrunk to nothing. The monster says that without the use of one arm, the tide has turned. Piccolo holds his arm and says that he is also losing his balance and regretfully says that the monster has won. The monster is happy because absorbing Piccolo-level life extract will bring him even closer to his perfect form.

Piccolo has a request before he gets absorbed: why does he have the ki of Goku and Freeza and everyone and why can he use Kamehameha. The monster is going to die anyway, so what the hell. “My name is 'Cell', I am an artificial human. I was invented by Dr Ger's computer. A long time ago, he began to collect cells of battle experts and merged them. His research into artificial humans began, but because it was taking too long, he abandoned it midway. However, his computer continued to work without rest. Son Goku, Piccolo, as well as Vegeta's cells were harvested in the battle when Vegeta and Nappa came to Earth." Piccolo figures with Goku at the time, no wonder Kamehameha didn't look that great.

“Also, we got lucky and took cells from Freeza and his father when they came to Earth. It would be good to take the cells from a kid named Trunks as well, but enough Saiyan cells have already been collected." Piccolo wants to know how they collected the cells since they didn't see anyone suspicious around them. "You should have heard from Dr. Gero that there are spy robots watching your actions. Little robots like bees. No one would notice. They took some of your cells while they were there. Good luck. [points to a small bug] Even now it's sending this data to the computer. I think it wants your cells." Piccolo spots the spy robot and then destroys it. “To destroy it now is too late. The necessary cells have already been collected and the research has begun. Even if I won't be done for twenty-four years."

Piccolo tells him that's not possible because Dr. Gero's lab was destroyed. “The computer is in the research room underground. Piccolo questions why it took him three years to get here before he hatched from the egg. “Once I return to my egg, it takes me three years underground to mature again. I just needed time. Plus, I could gradually absorb people.” Piccolo's last question is why he came here from the future in the first place. "In order to achieve my perfect form, the extract from people's lives alone is not enough. There are two basic and special life forms that I have to connect with. The computer told me that these two strange life forms were... artificial humans created by Dr. Gero, #17 and #18! Although when I woke up in my future, I don't know how, but that Trunks beat #17 and #18. They were gone.'

"However, I was lucky. The trunks had a time machine. I killed Trunks and I came this time to look for #17 and #18. That's it.” Piccolo asks why come this time. “Well… Trunk's time machine was set for this time. I just hit the switch." Piccolo thinks that maybe Trunks wanted to come back and inform them that he defeated the artificial humans. "That's what the computer said too! If I reach my perfect form, I could gain terrifying power beyond imagination!!!" Piccolo he asks what he needs such power for. "What for? The computer was programmed to create a strong human as far as I can imagine. Or maybe it's the blood of the Saiyans, Freeza, and Piccolo coursing through me." Piccolo says yes, the mystery is fully resolved as he rips off his shrunken arm. He then immediately regenerates a new one. Cell is shocked and realizes that's why he forced him to speak. Piccolo says that he won't let him reach his perfect form and that he was stupid to have blood flowing through him but didn't realize his ability to regenerate.