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“Cell, even considering the amount of energy you absorbed from my arm, the one with the higher strength is still me. Prepare." Cell compliments his thinking, getting the story out of him while pretending his arm is gone. He didn't realize he could be so cunning. Piccolo says it was God's wisdom. Cell now realizes that it's him, Piccolo united with God. Piccolo says it is and Cell thinks it's convenient with the Dragon Balls gone and no one who dies can be brought back to life. Then they both notice Kuririn approaching and Trunks. Kuririn says that Piccolo is truly united with God, and Trunks thinks that the latter must be the thing that shed the skin. Cell is surprised to see Trunks, thinking that he has already killed Trunks in the future, and decides that he would have to kill him here as well.

Kuririn and Trunks land near Piccolo and Kuririn asks if he (the monster) killed the people of Ginger Town. Piccolo says yes, and to watch his tail, they were all killed. Kuririn wonders why he can sense Goku's ki, but Piccolo says he'll explain later, he'll take care of him first. Cell is surprised that he thinks it will go so well, shocking Kuririn and Trunks that he can talk. Piccolo tells him he can't win, so Cell says he'll have to get out of here. Piccolo says he won't run away and wonders if he intends to use Kamehameha like before. Kuririn can't believe he can use Goku's Kamehameha. Cell tells Kuririn that it's not just Kamehameha, he can probably use Genki-Dama as well. Kuririn is surprised to know his name and thinks Goku will be surprised to hear it too. Cell can't believe Son Goku is still alive and thinks it's completely different from the history he knows.

“Definitely getting my hands on #17 and #18!! None of you can do anything to stop me from achieving my perfect! Piccolo is the only one of you who can even fight artificial humans!!!” Then Cell puts his hands in front of his face and uses Taiyō-Ken. Trunks, Piccolo and Kuririn are blinded and Cell takes this opportunity to fly away. As their vision begins to return, Piccolo says that the Taiyō-Ken is Tenshinhan's technique, but Kuririn says that it's not hard, he and Goku can use it too. Piccolo looks for Cello, but gets pissed at him for triggering his ki.

Rushing through the forest, Cell says he won't be caught and will never be found if he keeps his ki suppressed. He absorbs the life energy of multiple people right under their noses and attains great power. And once his power surpasses that of artificial humans, he merges with them. Cell goes on to say that there is a kill switch for the artificial humans, and if they couldn't move, the good guys could easily destroy them. But that controller was destroyed. So he cautiously makes his way to the nearest town and takes all his life energy, and if Piccolo and the others notice, he goes elsewhere. Cell then stops and hides behind a tree when he notices Vegeta flying nearby. He is surprised that Vegeta is still alive and that his power is so great. Then Cell rushes away.

Vegeta says that one of the ridiculously huge fighting powers is gone, but the other one is still there. He knows they can't be artificial humans because they don't have ki. Piccolo flies into a rage and says that he could have defeated him and won't let him reach his perfect form. Vegeta reaches them and can't believe it was Piccolo. He de-transforms from a Super Saiyan, lands and demands to know what's going on. Piccolo says he'll explain when Tenshinhan arrives. Until then, Vegeta wants to know how Piccolo suddenly has battle power of this caliber. Trunks says he's reunited with God, and Vegeta can't believe it. He thinks he's clearly surpassed him, a Super Saiyan, and it's ridiculous that a Namekian would be taller than him. Kuririn says that Tenshinhan is finally here. Piccolo thinks he doubts he can handle number 17 and number 18 even with this superpower, never mind number 16. So all he can do is defeat Cello.

Kuririn reminds Piccolo that Tenshinhan is here now, so Piccolo says he'll tell them everything. “Vegeta and Tenshinhan didn't see, but the monster before was an artificial human originally created by Dr. Gero's computer. He continues to explain, surprising them all. Meanwhile, Cell came to the end of the forest and noticed a large city. "Fuhahahaha! Just wait #17 and #18! In a few days my power will be much greater than yours and I will devour you!!!" And Piccolo has now finished his story. To stop Cella from reaching his perfect form, either Cella must find and kill him, or find number 17 and number 18 and kill them. Piccolo thinks on his level, defeating Cell is the best option. Vegeta thinks that all these damn people are after the greatest in the universe, a Super Saiyan. "That really makes me piss off!! What about you, Kakarrot…”