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Kame-Sen'nin questions if it's really possible to go even higher than Super Saiyan, and Goku doesn't know for sure. But that's what he's going to have to do, and he's going to need a year of training to do it. Kame-Sen'nin has gone mad, but Goku says he knows somewhere where there is only one day in a year. Goku asks if it's okay to take Gohan too. Chi-Chi says no way, or at least that's what she wants to say, but she knows it's not good. But after the fight with the artificial humans is over, nothing stands in the way of Gohan's studies and Goku has to get to work. Goku thanks her, then teleports away with the Shunkan-Idō. He appears on the plane with Kuririn and the others, surprising them. Kuririn asks if he's feeling better, and Goku says he is, except that he's pretty hungry. Goku then greets "Kamiccolo-sama", but Piccolo gets angry and says that their names didn't connect. She can still call him Piccolo.

Goku says as it is now, he can't win against artificial humans or Cell. He takes Gohan with him to train at a place where you can get a year's worth of training in a single day. Piccolo realizes that he is going to the Room of Spirit and Time and says that no one has ever lasted a year there. In the past, Goku couldn't even stay a month. Goku says he will bring Vegeta and Trunks as well and hopefully one of them can make it. Piccolo says they have to hurry before Cell gets too strong. Before they leave, Kuririn asks Goku if he's scared or happy that he has an enemy stronger than Frieza. "Both." Then Goku disappears with Gohan. Tenshinhan thinks he is an indiscreet person, even in a time like this. Kuririn says with Goku that there is some hope now and thinks he could really beat a Super Saiyan.

Goku and Gohan appear on the cliff where Trunks is sitting and Vegeta is in front of him. Goku asks how the training is going, but Trunks says nothing happened. His father just stood there for the past three days. Goku goes to Vegeta and tells Kakarotto to leave. Goku tells him not to talk like that; he knows a good place to train where you can get a year's worth of training in one day, a room in God's palace. Vegeta is intrigued. Goku says that the two of them don't have to train together, but only two people can go there at a time, so Vegeta should go with Trunks. Vegeta says fine but he and Trunks will go first.

The artificial humans are at Goku's house and number 18 says that no one is here. #17 asks #16 if he knows where he might be hiding, and #16 says that the radar doesn't detect much of Son Goku. But he could stay with one of his allies, the Capsule Corporation in West City, or Muten Roshi's small island in South Point F. #17 asks which one is closer, and #16 says Muten Roshi's, it's about 2,700 kilometers southeast. from here. So there they go. Meanwhile, all the Saiyans are in the God's Palace. Mr. Popo leads them into a room and says that inside there is only a bathtub, a toilet, food and beds. Vegeta asks Kakarot why he is letting him go first, knowing full well that he is her biggest target. Goku says that this enemy cannot be defeated alone, and Vegeta must have noticed as well. Vegeta says he'll regret it.

Mr. Popo says they are here and asks who will go first. Goku tells Vegeta and Trunks and wishes Trunks good luck. Inside they are in a nice little tiled room with beds and food. Trunks says it's hot, the air is thin, and the gravity is pretty high. At the edge of the room they come out and there is nothing but white space. Trunks says that it's really vast and is amazed that Goku even lasted a month here. Vegeta likes it and Trunks wonders if he can really spend a year in a place like this with his dad. On the plane, Yamcha gets mad that Cell lowered his ki, and Kuririn says that he just hides every time. Piccolo says that he's probably strong enough already and they don't know when he's going to team up with #17 and #18. He just hopes that Goku and the others can beat the Super Saiyan.

And so it's almost a day since Vegeta and Trunks entered the Room of Spirit and Time. In the news, they say that the mysterious devil now has hundreds of thousands of victims, and Piccolo is upset as he watches it at Kame House (he's the only one awake). Then he looks out the window and the artificial people are outside the house. Number 17 asks if Son Goku is here. Piccolo wonders if this is good or bad timing, and #16 says that Son Goku isn't here. Piccolo wakes the others up and they all come out. Piccolo tells them to leave, Son Goku isn't here. Number 17 asks if they'll tell where he is, and Piccolo asks if he thinks they'd be so obedient. #17 says if they don't tell, he'll make them spit it out. Piccolo says go ahead and try it on another island where no one is. Piccolo tells the others to stay here as they fly away. Number 17 rolls up his sleeves and says he'll kill him this time if he doesn't talk. Piccolo takes off his turban and cloak and says it won't be as easy as before.