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#17 wonders why Piccolo is doing this, maybe to buy time. He then tells Piccolo to bring it. Piccolo is surprised that he will be fighting alone, and of course Number 17 says that Piccolo is no match for him anyway. Piccolo thinks it's great, even though just defeating one of them means Cell can't reach his perfect form. Piccolo gets really turned on and #16 is shocked and says it's not Piccolo. Then Piccolo rushes in and hits #17 in the back of the head, sending him flying. Piccolo follows and then kicks #17 into the ground. He prepares to explode when #17 starts to stand up, then fires and blows up a large part of the island. However, number 17 eludes him and is safe in the air. Piccolo sees him and smiles then prepares to fire something else at him.

Goku says that Piccolo's started fighting and Gohan wonders if his opponent is Cell. Goku says he can't feel their ki so it must be an artificial human. Gohan prepares to escape, saying that Piccolo will be killed, but Goku tells him that there's nothing he can do if he goes. Other than that, Vegeta and Trunks should come out early, charged up, and Piccolo is incredibly strong right now. Speaking of Piccolo, he surrounded #17 with a cluster of small ki balls and brought them all to #17 at once, causing a huge explosion. But when the smoke cleared, No. 17 shielded himself with a barrier. Piccolo is a little upset. Number 17 suggests that they change locations because "someone" blew up the island they were on. Meanwhile, Cell attacks an office building. He notices the wild ki, Piccolo. In order to fight with such power, his opponent must be artificial humans! So he found them and with good timing. "I'm on my way!! Just wait!!! My strength has already surpassed yours!!!"