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Piccolo tries to hit Cell with everything he has, but Cell blocks it, then punches Piccolo in the face, sending him sliding across the ground. Cell walks over to Piccolo and sends him flying in the opposite direction. Number 18 is surprised that neither Piccolo nor Number 17 can do anything, and Number 16 says that this cell is just too powerful. He tells her to run because even if #17 gets absorbed, if she does, then there's no stopping them and it's the end of the world. #18 asks #16 what he's going to do. Piccolo starts to attack as Cell walks towards him, and #17 realizes it's dangerous. Then Piccolo sets off a massive blast on Cell and a large part of the island is blown up. When the smoke clears, #18 is thrilled to have done it. But #16 says that Cell barely took any damage.

Piccolo freaks out as Cell emerges from the water and then returns to the remains of the island. Tenshinhan is there now, watching from the top of a nearby mountain and saying they are worlds apart. As Cell approaches Piccolo again, Piccolo yells at #17 to get out of here. Cell punches Piccolo in the face and Piccolo hits the ground hard. Cell picks him up and Tenshinhan notes that Piccolo's neck is broken. Cell says he's too strong now and doesn't need any more energy from humans, so... He shoots a hole right through Piccolo's chest and then throws Piccolo's body into the water. Upstairs in God's palace, Goku says that Piccolo's ki has disappeared. Gohan is upset about Piccolo while Goku wonders what the hell Vegeta is doing. #17 tells Cell that he won't go that easy. #18 thinks it would be a good time to run, and #16 agrees, telling her to run alone. #18 asks what he's going to do, so he says, “Destroy the cell. It's time to fight. Before I even meet Son Goku…”