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#18 protests that he will be killed, but #16 just smiles. "You are good boys. You did not take human or animal lives needlessly. I enjoyed traveling with you." Tenshinhan is surprised that number 16 intends to fight. Cell punches #17 in the gut, then elbows him to the ground, and Cell says he'll swallow him now if he ends his futile resistance. He grabs No. 17 by the shirt and his tail opens like a suction cup, wide enough to suck No. 17 whole. His tail begins to grip over #17's head as #16 places a hand on Cell's back. Cell turns and #16 punches him in the face, sending him flying. Cell thinks another madman has appeared who doesn't care about his own life. #17 asks #16 if he plans to fight, and #16 says that's the point. Number 17 thinks he's going to be killed, but Number 16 says he calculated that he and Cell have about the same power.

#16 and Cell go at each other. They crash hard and then Cell stabs #16 in the neck with his tail, but #16 just smirks. Cell is angry that he is a complete robot, and then #16 grabs Cell by the tail and knocks him to the ground. He then stomps on Cell and rips his tail off so he can't absorb anyone now. Cell says he has Piccolo's cells in him and regenerates his tail. #16 says that he will then have to kill Cell to prevent him from reaching his perfect form. Cell says it's not possible, but Number 16 says he won't know until he tries. But Cell knows this and powers up a bit. #16 kicks him, but Cell jumps over him and kicks #16, sending him flying. He flies after Number 16 and punches him in the face, sending Number 16 flying again. As Cell rushes at Number 16 again, Number 16 fires his fist like a rocket and hits Cell in the face.