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Cell flies and #16 retrieves and reattachs the fist. #16 knocks Cell to the ground, but then picks him up again and slams him straight into the ground, creating a huge hole. #16 quickly crosses his arms, then pulls his arms out, leaving his fists in his armpits. He points the stumps of his open arm down into the hole and yells, “HELL FLASH!!!!” as he shoots down into the hole. The explosion is so powerful that it shoots into the ground in other parts of the island. Kuririn flies and wonders who could have done this as Piccolo's ki is completely gone. #16 reconnects his fists and Tenshinhan, #17 and #18 are shocked by his strength. Number 16 looks at Number 18 and asks her why she's still here and she says it's okay, Cell is gone. But #16 says that it wasn't enough to defeat Cell, even though it was supposed to damage him.

#16 yells at #17 (who happens to be standing near the hole) to get out of there too, but #17 says no way. “He took damage, you say? Then I will strike the final blow with my own hand! Get your ass out!" Cell comes out of the hole with his tail open while #17's back is to him. Tenshinhan sees this and yells at #17 that Cell is behind him. Neither #17 nor #16 have a chance to react. "How you wish I'm out!!!" His tail closes over #17 up to his waist and has him completely in his tail before #16 can. #17 is fully pulled into Cell's back and Cell begins to transform into a large display powers. #16 tells #18 to run, as does Tenshinhan. Even Goku feels Cell charging and realizes that either #17 or #18 have been absorbed. Cell is now half done.