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Tenshinhan continues to launch his Shin Kikōhō down at Cell as #18 helps #16 to his feet and they fly away. Goku is still yelling at Tenshinhan to stop. Tenshinhan uses one last Shin Kikōhō before finally falling to the ground. Goku senses this and Cell begins to emerge from the pit. Cell gets upset that he's gone and then decides to end Tenshinhana. Goku suddenly teleports into the battle and Cell is shocked to see him. Goku tells Cell to wait one day and he can fight him and then defeats Cell. Cell laughs and asks if he really said that, and Goku says he did. Cell asks what will happen the next day, but Goku ignores him and starts looking around. He says that Piccolo is still alive. Goku grabs Tenshinhan's hand and curls up to the edge of the island where Piccolo has washed ashore. Cell wonders how he could have moved at such a moment.

Goku lifts Piccolo over his shoulders and says they will go to God's Palace and get some senzu from Karin. Cell says he won't let them escape, but Goku teleports away with Piccolo and Tenshinhan before Cell can get to them. Cell wonders about Son Goku's strange technique, but decides that Son Goku doesn't matter right now, number 18 does. With number 16 broken, she couldn't get far and Cell flies away. Meanwhile, Kuririn reaches Bulma's plane and explains that he thought it would be faster to fly to meet her. She hands him the remote and says it won't work until he's within ten meters. She then offers to give him some battle clothes like Vegeta's, but he says that Goku and everyone else need it more than him. He tells her they're up in the God's Palace and Bulma says she'll take it to them there. Speaking of God's Palace, Goku is back there and Tenshinhan and Piccolo are healed. Mr. Popo then shouts that Vegeta and Trunks are coming out of the Spirit and Time Room.