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Cell wonders about this business with Super Vegeta and Vegeta says it would be hard to explain it all. He says that Cell should be more worried about himself because it looks hopeless for him. Still floating above the island, Kuririn says that Cell has changed since then. He is bitter that Cell has already reached his perfect form and they went through the trouble of making this controller for nothing. Enraged, Cell slaps his tail at Vegeta, but Vegeta jumps over him and kicks Cell. He then kicks Cello in the stomach, knocking Cello into the water. Kuririn can't believe Vegeta's strength and then sees Trunks on the island and says that he's gotten stronger as well. And then he notices two artificial humans and finds that Cell, Vegeta, and Trunks didn't notice them. Kuririn stares at the controls, remembers what Bulma said about being within ten meters, and stealthily lands on the island.

Kuririn nervously sneaks up to them, realizing that Cell has not yet reached his perfect form. But number 17 is gone, so it had to be absorbed. Cell climbs out of the water and Vegeta decides to tell Cell something even more shocking. “This tribe guy… His true strength is almost at my level!” Cell looks at Trunks and gets nervous. But Vegeta is upset that Cell wasn't that incredible after all and there's almost no need to kill him. Cell then starts yelling, “DAMN!!!! If only I could achieve my perfect form...!!! Then he would be nothing to me.” Vegeta looks a little taken aback as Kuririn approaches the Artificial Humans.