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Trunks looks at what Cell is looking at then sees number 18 as well and Kuririn is with them. Realizing that they don't know that Cell noticed them, he yells, “Heeeeey!!!! Cell found you!!!!” No. 18, No. 16, and Kuririn all freak out and Cell flies towards them. Trunks says he won't let him reach his perfect form, then wraps up like Vegeta and Cell follows. Vegeta thinks it's lucky the artificial humans were here and then tells Trunks that he won't let him interfere. Trunks almost reaches Cell, but Vegeta kicks Trunks away into a nearby mountain. Cell lands in front of them and #18 and #16 prepare to fight him. Cell tells #16 not to do anything unreasonable when he's on the verge of being shut down, saying that Vegeta wants him to reach his perfect form as well. Kuririn scolds Vegeta.

Trunks rises from the wreckage and tells his father that he is wrong, that they cannot let Cell reach his perfect form. Cell's power can become far greater than their own, and then what will they do? Vegeta asks Trunks if he wants to see how strong Cell will be and Trunks says not at all. He had seen enough in his hellish future. He says that even if he were to defeat his father, he will prevent Cell from reaching his perfect form. Vegeta doubts he could even attack his own father, never mind defeat him. Trunks then launches a huge two-handed blast at Vegeta and flies towards Cell. Cell then uses the Taiyō-Ken, blinding Trunks, Kuririn, No. 16, and No. 18. He opens his tail and sucks in No. 18, scaring Trunks and Kuririn as they regain their sight. Vegeta is surprised that Trunks really did this, but notices that Cell is changing. He will finally see his perfect form!