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Goku lunges at Boo and punches him hard in the face, but Boo comes right back with his own fist and Goku flies away. Goku quickly catches on, turns and fires a huge Kamehameha that shoots Bo right in the stomach. However, Boo immediately recovers and counters with his own Kamehameha. Goku is able to knock Boo's Kamehameha back, but Boo deflects it to the side and almost hits Bobbidi. An explosion goes off in the distance and the explosion is felt on top of God's temple. Bobbidi yells at Bo to be more careful, then tells Goku that he's not much of a "friend of justice" since that blast just destroyed about a tenth of the Earth. Goku praises Boo, saying that he is surprisingly gifted in his ability to instantly transform an opponent's technique into his own. Boo laughs and grows a nose like Pinocchio as Goku notices Trunks' ki speeding up, meaning he found the dragon radar and leaves West City.

Goku breaks out of his Super Saiyan 3 form and Boo asks why; he enjoyed fighting. Goku says it was an honor but he doesn't have time to play. Bobbidi says he won't make it out alive. Goku asks Bobbidi to wait three, no, two days, and then the three will appear. However, do not kill anyone during these two days. Boo is intrigued, wondering if they are strong, but Bobbidi says no way. Figuring that Boo might like a fun fight, Goku says he'll make sure Bobbidi gets a proper punishment when he goes to Hell. Goku then teleports away and Bobbidi wonders why he even came here. Then Bobbidi yells at Boo for running away because Boo is too slow. He tells Boo to go look for him, but Boo ignores him and becomes angry.

Boo then turns around with a smile and says that he realized something good. Bobbidi doubts it because Boo is so stupid and wants him to hurry up and tell him. Boo leans over and then grabs Bobbidi by the neck, choking him. If Bobbidi can't speak, he can't chant a spell to seal Boo. Boo doesn't need him anymore and tells Bobbidi he's stupid, just before cutting off his head.