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Gohan wonders if the two were absorbed along with Freeza as he can't sense their ki. But Kuririn says that it's only because they've also exhausted all of their own power, so they can't drop them. But then Gohan notices something. Piccolo emerges onto another small island nearby, pulling Goku with him. Kuririn and Gohan get excited and fly towards them, but they can't fly fast because they've used up almost all of their ki. It's a happy little reunion, and Goku says they could all be home in five days in the spaceship he got there in. Kuririn then freaks out and Goku asks what. "I completely forgot about Bulma-san!!" Goku says not to scare him like that; he thought it was Freeza again. Kuririn thinks that Bulma-san is sometimes scarier than Freeza. Goku laughs and says not to laugh, his whole body hurts. Piccolo thinks Planet Namek has been through a lot too, but at least the eldest and everyone else can rest in peace now. Kuririn wonders how he knows about Eldest, but suddenly a frightened expression appears on his face.

Freeza survived and is sitting atop a nearby cliff, a bit broken, with his left eye closed. Suddenly, a small blast goes through Piccolo's chest and he falls. Gohan freaks out and Goku gets mad. Freeza asks if they really thought he could die as Goku tells everyone to run, find his spaceship, take Bulma and leave the planet. Kuririn asks what they are thinking, but Goku tells them to get out of there quickly if they don't want to die. Freeza says they won't get away with it and telekinetically lifts Kuririn into the air as Goku yells at him to stop. Kuririn screams "Gokuuuuuuuuu!!!!!" as he explodes in the air. Freeza laughs and asks if the brat should be next. But Goku says, "You can't get away with this... How dare you... How dare you..." Goku's hair suddenly turns blonde and his entire body glows. He tells Gohan to take Piccolo back to Earth since he's barely alive. Gohan hesitates, so Goku yells (in a very un-Goku-speak) “Hurry up and get out of here while I still have some sense!!!” Gohan obeys as Goku glares at Freeza.