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Freeza thinks about his different form and says that he thought Saiyans could only change into Ozara. Goku yells at Gohan to hurry because if Piccolo dies, so does God, and assures him that he will return to Earth later. Gohan asks how and Goku yells at him to stop talking stupid. Gohan carries Piccolo over his shoulders and flies away saying, “Thank you father. Thank you." Freeza is about to attack them, but Goku immediately appears next to Freeza and grabs his wrist. He says that Freeza keeps trying to kill one innocent person after another, even Kuririn was innocent. Freeza breaks free from his grip, then he steps back and wonders where he got such power. Meanwhile, Gohan says he understands. "What Vegeta said was true... Father could become him after all... Super Saiyan!''

Goku yells that he's super pissed now and flies towards Freeza, punching him in the face which sends him flying. Goku follows and slams Freeza into the ground. But Freeza recovers from the wreckage and joins Goku in the air, asking if the Saiyans have also committed crimes. Goku asks "So you destroyed them..." and Freeza says yes because he didn't like them. Goku says "I will destroy you this time." Freeza laughs at this and says there's no way he could win even if he actually became a Super Saiyan. Then Freeza blasts Goku and follows with a series of larger blasts. But when the smoke clears, Goku is unharmed and his clothes are only slightly more tattered. “Even if you apologize, I won't forgive you. Goku then hits Freeza with a kiai, but Freeza is able to catch himself. Goku simply smiles as Freeza catches his breath.