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Freeza can't believe it when Goku flies in and elbows him in the face. Freeza stops but Goku cuts him down and then hits him with a headbutt to the face. Freeza tries to kick and punch Goku, but Goku blocks them all. Freeza backs away, then tries to shoot his finger at Goku, but he dodges it, and Freeza can't believe it. They fire a whole bunch more, but Goku dodges them all. Freeza is angry and says that if he only hit one of them... Goku says he'll let one hit him and Freeza is angry that he's being mocked. Freeza says "You're gonna regret this!!!!" as he fires another. Goku takes a direct hit to the chin and his head is knocked back. But then he leans forward and smiles and says, "Even if you can destroy a planet, you can't seem to destroy a single person right now..." Freeza stammers, "W-who are you..."

"You don't know anymore?! I am a Saiyan who came from Earth to defeat you. A legendary warrior who was awakened by anger but has a calm heart. I am Super Saiyan, Son Goku!!!!!”

Freeza is shocked, but then calms down and realizes that he really must be a Super Saiyan. He notes the "awakened by anger but with a calm heart" part and says that must be why Vegeta never made it. Freeza then yells "Holy shit!!!!!" thinking how incredible this all is. That he, Freeza, could be defeated by a Saiyan. Meanwhile, Gohan reaches Goku's spaceship and places Piccolo inside before heading off to find Bulma. Back on the battlefield, Goku launches the Kamehameha as Freeza says that he would rather kill himself than be killed by it. Goku says to do whatever he wants. "But, I won't die. The one who dies will be you. I can survive in space, but what about you Saiyans?!" Freeza creates an energy ball and throws it down at the planet while yelling, "I'm going to destroy this planet!!!!