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The energy ball hits the planet and boom... Kaiō notices and tells the others that Son Goku did well and certainly could have won one on one, but Freeza chose to destroy Planet Namek and survives. its destruction. But then someone interrupts him and says, “Kaiō, can you hear me?! It's me, the Earth God." Kaiō dejectedly says that he can hear him. God says that Mr. Popo is collecting all the Dragon Balls now and soon he will have them all, then they can wish them back to Kaiō. But then Kaiō wakes up and realizes thinking that God is still alive so Piccolo must be alive too "Planet Namek is not gone!!! Goku, Gohan, Piccolo and that girl are still alive!!!"

Goku and Freeza are hovering over a giant hole in the planet with sparks coming out of it. Freeza realizes that he didn't use enough power and Goku says that he just escaped death. Freeza laughs and tells him that he doesn't know anything. Freeza asks if he knows what happens when the planet's core is destroyed, explaining that in about five minutes there will be a much larger explosion that will turn Planet Namek into space dust. Kaiō freaks out and Goku is a bit surprised as well. But then Goku says that five minutes is enough. In that time, he can defeat Freeza, take his friends and escape to Earth in his spaceship. But Freeza says he's the only one with any hope left, much bigger than Goku. Now he will show his full power. Goku discovers that he probably never used his full power before because his body couldn't handle it.

Goku yells that he has no time to waste, and he's going to fix it now. But Freeza hits Goku with a shock wave and knocks him into the water. Goku re-emerges with little damage, though now half of his shirt is missing. Freeza says it's still only 70% of his full power. Goku flies at Freeza as he says "And this will be my long awaited one hundred percent!!"