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Yajirobe is camping in the jungle eating and wondering what the bastard Son is doing right now. Back on the battlefield, Freeza says that this planet's lifespan should be extended in about 2-3 minutes and asks the Super Saiyan if he's getting impatient. Goku says nothing and Freeza realizes that he has to buy time for the brats to escape. But he just makes his next target Earth. Goku says that's not it, he's just waiting for Freeza to die. But Freeza gets mad and says "Your big mouth stop!!!! I'll shut you right now!!!!" Thinking that Gohan and the others are still on the planet, Goku wants them to hurry up. Freeza attacks Goku, but then stops and appears above him, blasting Goku with a shockwave.

Frieza tries to hit Goku from behind, but Goku grabs his arm and punches Frieza in the face. He then bends Freeza's arm and starts swinging him in circles and finally lets go and Freeza starts flying. Freeza stops high in the air. Goku prepares to fire the Kamehameha at Freeza as Freeza begins to power up. Freeza falls down as Goku unleashes his attack. Meanwhile, “Now say your wish. Any wish, but just one, and I'll grant it." Mr. Popo asks that those killed by Freeza and his men be brought back to life, asking if he can make a wish on a distant planet. "I don't know, but I'll try." Mr. Popo asks Shenlong to please try his best Goku yells "Go to hell Freeza!!!!!" as his Kamehameha closes in on Freeze.