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Goku also notices Porungo and then Frieza flies towards him and Goku follows him. Dende begins to say his wish in Namekian, but Freeza interrupts him and shouts out his wish for immortality. But then Dende quickly says the rest of his wish in Namekian. “Okay, you got it. Except for these two, I'm moving everyone to Earth." Dende, some Namekians, the Elder One, Vegeta, Piccolo, Gohan, Bulma, and the Dragon Ball all warp to Earth. Goku tells Freeza that you must use the language of this planet to make your wish come true. Freeza remembers , how he killed the little brat who wished it, so Goku explains that they used the Dragon Balls on Earth to bring back life to everyone he killed, and then used Namek's Dragon Balls to wish everyone but the two of them to move to Earth.

Freeza says there's about two minutes left and either he kills Goku or the planet explodes. Whatever it is, it cannot survive in space, so there is nothing but death for it. Freeza realizes he wants to finish this fight and Goku lands on the ground. Freeza says it's a physical battle he wants and lands as well. Meanwhile on Earth everyone is in the field wondering what just happened and Dende heals Piccolo. The Eldest tells everyone that this is planet Earth and tells everyone what happened before his lifespan expires. Back on Planet Namek, Frieza elbows Goku, then Goku kneels Frieza…