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Namek is about to be destroyed and Goku drops a fist from Freeza and then punches Freeza right in the stomach. Freeza coughs, then punches and kicks Goku, sending him flying. Goku catches and kicks off the mountain and flies back at Freeze with a kick. But he flies right past Freeza, so instead he backkicks Freeza and Freeza is scrambling on the ground. Freeza starts to get up, but Goku punches him a few more times and Freeza is still scraping the ground. Freeza starts breathing and then Goku says that's enough. Freeza asks what he means and Goku explains that at 100% power his ki drops rapidly. So Goku thinks it's pointless to keep fighting. And he thinks that Freeza's pride was damaged enough, the fact that he was outmatched and a Saiyan no less.

Goku says he's going home to Earth now, and then shuts down and his hair turns black again. "Do no more evil. I don't want to see your face again." Goku starts to fly away, but Freeza gets angry and throws a Kienzan attack at Goku. Goku moves out of the way but manages to scratch his face. Goku thinks Freeza is stupid and transforms again in Super Saiyan. Freeza directs his Kienzan to chase Goku through the air and laughs that he can follow him anywhere and cut through anything. Goku says he misjudged Freeza if it's his last technique and then flies towards Freeze with With Kienzan chasing him, Freeza figures that he intends to bring him back, so he targets him instead, but says it's a stupid plan.