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Goku continues towards Freeze, but then takes off straight up. Freeza sends Kienzan after him and he appears to hit... but only the afterimage. Behind Freeza is the real Goku. Freeza calls his disc back as Goku tells Freeza that it's a poor technique and he needs to improve his abilities. Freeza gets angry and says "How about two?!!!!!" and makes a second disc in his other hand. Goku flies off and the two give chase. Goku flies towards Freeze again, and Freeza says he's using the same formula. But Goku fires a small blast that creates a large cloud of dust, and Freeza barely manages to jump over one of the discs. But then Goku knocked Freeza back to the ground. Freeza starts to rise and the second disc is right behind him. Goku yells not to get up and down. But it's too late and the disc cuts through Freeza's tail, stomach and left arm. Freeza is lying on the ground, in pieces.

Goku mentions that it's a "you get what you deserve" kind of thing, and it's a sad ending for him. Goku starts to leave, saying that he is now returning to Earth and Freeza can stay here and share the fate of the planet he destroyed. "I… I'm begging you… help me… Please help me…" Goku turns and asks how many people he killed begged for their lives. "I... I'm begging you..." And then Goku gives Freeza some of his own ki, enough to get him moving again, and tells him to use it.