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Gohan flies through the air, wondering why something like this is happening, then catches up with Kuririn. He asks Kuririn if he also noticed that there is another large ki like Freeza. Kuririn says, "How could he not notice?" In space, someone tells King Cold and Freeza that they will be landing on Earth soon. Vegeta, out in the empty desert area with Yamcha, says that's around where they'll land. They then spot a small jet helicopter approaching them; it's Bulma with Pu'er. Yamcha asks what they're doing here, and Bulma wants to see Freeza since she never saw him on Planet Namek. Yamcha says it's really dangerous, but that's why he wants to see him. He notes that he'll probably blow up the Earth, so it doesn't matter where he is anyway.

Tenshinhan and Chiaotzu then arrive and Tenshinhan is upset that Vegeta is still on Earth. Vegeta thinks he wants to say something and Tenshinhan says “I mean I think you're rotten… You killed me anyway. I don't see how Yamcha can live with you." Yamcha says this is no place and Tenshinhan asks if it's really Freeza. Vegeta yells at them to hide their fighting skills before they start talking because they'll have scouts. Vegeta he also says that the Namekian is already doing it and everyone sees Piccolo standing nearby. Then Gohan and Kuririn fly in and see that everyone is there. And then Frieza's ship starts coming and lands a short distance away.

It's definitely Freeza and one other person, and Vegeta yells that they'll have to walk so their scouts won't notice them. Yamcha hesitates as he notices how ridiculously large his ki is. Tenshinhan can't believe they fought someone like that. Yamcha says they couldn't do anything even if they went there against two such incredible people. Piccolo asks what are they supposed to do instead of stay here and rot? Everyone knows they can't do anything. Vegeta decides to say it bluntly — this is the end for Earth.

Freeza stepped out of his spaceship along with his father and a bunch of their henchmen. King Cold says it will be three hours before the Super Saiyan returns and asks if Freeza wants to wait. Freeza says of course. But she makes him regret it and kills all the Earthlings before they arrive. There are a lot of Earthlings here, but three hours should be plenty of time. King Cold says to do whatever he wants with the Earthlings, but he has to stop the Super Saiyan. Only their family should be the strongest in the universe. Freeza says that the two of them could certainly beat him, but even if he's powered up himself, it should be enough. Yamcha gets mad that he just came back to life and now he's going to die again. Freeza tells all his men to go wipe out the earthlings when one lands in front of Freeza…