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Freeza asks the earthling what he wants. He is a teenage boy with a surfer cut, a denim jacket with a Capsule Corp patch and a sword strapped to his back. He says he came to kill them. Freeza thinks he doesn't realize what he's saying, but the kid knows full well, he's Freeza. Freeza is a little surprised, then says that he is honored that his name is known on a distant planet in this galaxy. But he must not know that he is the strongest in the universe, so he tells one of his henchmen to get rid of the boy, and the rest of the henchmen can finish off the earthlings. The henchman sets up his wrist pistol and says he's a scumbag with a combat strength of only 5. He fires his weapon but the kid detonates the blast and then moves in and elbows the henchman, causing the ship to hit the side. The rest of the henchmen charge at him, but the kid draws his sword and in the blink of an eye they are all down.

Vegeta, Kuririn and everyone else sense something and Bulma asks what it is. Kuririn says that suddenly a huge ki appeared and a lot of other ki just disappeared. Something is happening behind those mountains. King Cold thinks the kid did well and Freeza says maybe an Earthling. The kid says it's their turn, he'll kill them in a moment. Freeza thinks he is unique. The kid says that he's not as kind as Son Goku, and Freeza remembers that his name is Super Saiyan and finds himself on his side. The child says that he has never met him, he only knows about him. And he knows what they said about killing all Earthlings until the Super Saiyan arrives. Freeza says that since he killed all his followers, he will have to do it himself. The child says he made a mistake. Freeza says that he can surely take care of all earthlings by himself, but the kid says that's not it.

"Your mistake is… Son Goku is not the only Super Saiyan… There's one too...!!" Freeza and his father look shocked and the kid starts to power up. Then it glows and his hair is blonde and sticking out. Everyone else senses it and Gohan says it's his father because he has the same ki as his father. Freeza fires a huge blast at him that creates a huge explosion and creates a mushroom cloud. However, the child is out of the way, safe on top of a nearby mountain. Freeza thinks he's done with him, but then the kid does some fancy hand movements and fires at Freeza. The explosion was just a distraction and the kid came down from above and sliced ​​Freeza in half with his sword.