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Goku questions if he is really Vegeta's son and thinks he looks like Vegeta. Trunks says that he will be born in about two and a half years, but he didn't come to tell him that. He wants to say something important: “Three years from now, on May 12th at about 10 o'clock, a terrifying duo will appear on an island nine kilometers southwest of South City. Monsters with no regard for life and have immense power." Goku asks who are they, aliens? "No, they are artificial humans or cyborgs, invented right here on Earth. The one who created them is Dr. Gero, a mad scientist originally from of the Red Ribbon army. Goku is shocked to hear this. "Right, the army you defeated a long time ago." But Dr. Gero seems to have survived and continued his research. Goku asks why, the world government?

“I really don't know, but at least I think that was Dr. Ger's goal. However, he created the ultimate killing machines. Those artificial humans, #19 and 20, killed their parent, Dr. Gero, after they were born.” Goku thinks that there must really be something if he, the Super Saiyan who defeated Freeza, says that they are monsters. “Yes, I stood up to them, but it was no good… Anyway, since there are two opponents and I can't fight them one-on-one, I have to run. Goku says wait where are his friends? "There aren't any." In twenty years I am the only warrior left. The battle in three years, my father, Kuririn, Yamcha, Tenshinhan, Chiaotzu, Piccolo... They are all killed... Gohan's son barely survived... He taught me how to fight, but then four years ago... As you know, when Piccolo dies, the Dragon Balls are also gone, so no one could be brought back to life. They play for years and take lives. Artificial Humans make my world a living hell in the future. They are strong...!! They're too strong…!!"

Goku says wait what happened to him? “You didn't fight. Before long you will contract the disease and die. It is a viral heart disease. Even a Super Saiyan can't win against a disease.” Goku finds that senzu doesn't work either and gets angry at the thought of dying instead of fighting. “Do you regret not being able to fight? Aren't you scared?" Goku says it's scary but he wants to fight strong guys. "You really are a true saiyan warrior." You're just like mom and Gohan said. You're trustworthy, I'm glad I came." Then Trunks pulls something out of his jacket. “When your symptoms appear, please take it. It's medicine for you. At this time it is incurable, but in twenty years there will be special medicine. You won't die with this medicine." Goku is really excited and says thank you. "Seriously, I shouldn't do this. Changing history. But for this kind of history... I believe you can definitely do something. Mom also wished for it and she succeeded finish the time machine." Goku is surprised that his mother knows him and Trunks says that she knows him very well, she's right there. "B-BULMA…!!!!!”

Vegeta is annoyed that he's still talking and Bulma thinks that Goku looks surprised. Goku says that he was really surprised and thought he would end up with Yamcha. Trunks says that Yamcha was a bit fickle and stupid so they broke up and she noticed that Vegeta looked lonely so... But they never got married in terms of their personalities. Goku understands. Trunks says his father died when he was too young, so this is the first time he's meeting him. Yamcha wonders why they're looking here and Pu'er says they're smiling a little. Trunks asks Goku to keep this part a secret because if the two of them found out, he wouldn't have to be born. Then Trunks says that he needs to get back to his mother and that he believes in Goku's power. Goku asks if they will meet again and Trunks doesn't know, it takes a lot of time for the time machine to get the energy to go back. If he is still alive, he will return in three years. Goku tells him to live and he spends the next three years training.

Trunks gives Goku a thumbs up and then flies off. Goku turns back to the others and wonders how he's going to tell them all of this. Kuririn asks what the guy wanted and Goku doesn't say much. Piccolo says it's very important for everyone. Goku can't believe he heard and Piccolo says his hearing is different. Piccolo then says that if it's hard for him to say it, he will say it. Goku protests, but Piccolo says that he won't do anything to endanger the child's existence and won't say anything unnecessary, but they will all be killed without training. And so Piccolo tells them everything, except for Trunks himself. Yamcha thinks it's all crazy, coming from the future. Piccolo says they can believe what they want but he doesn't want to, he will die and train. They then look up and notice a time machine high in the air with suitcases inside. “Dad… Like mom said, you're strong, proud, strict, and you seem to be a lonely person. Either way, don't die... Young mom, good luck to you too." The trunks wave to everyone and then the time machine disappears. Tenshinhan says he'll train as well, and so does Kuririn. An outraged Vegeta thinks he'll definitely survive within three years.