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The three of them fly through the air and Goku tells Gohan not to fly so much so he will still have the strength to fight. Piccolo asks Goku if he thinks they can honestly win, and Goku says he won't know until he sees it for himself. He thinks that Goku is carefree and says that he has a bad feeling about it. Goku asks him not to do too much because if he dies, the Dragon Ball will also disappear. He then catches up with Kuririn who says that Gohan has become big. The four of them soon reach an island nine kilometers southwest of South City, and it is a huge island with a large city full of people. Gohan says they need to lure the artificial humans to another location to fight. Kuririn then says that over there on the mountain overlooking the city are two huge ki. On a small plateau on the mountain, Yamcha (who has combed his hair) and Tenshinhan along with Bulma (now with short straight hair) are holding a baby. Goku asks what she's doing here and she says she'll leave once she sees the artificial people.

Kuririn is more interested in what she's holding and Gohan thinks that she and Yamcha must have gotten married. Yamcha says it's not his child, they broke up a while ago and they'll be really surprised to hear whose child it is. Goku walks over to the kid and tickles him and says "Your dad is Vegeta huh Trunks." Bulma asks how he knew that when she didn't tell anyone, so Goku apologizes that he just thought that because he looks like Vegeta. But he also knew his name, so Goku says he must be psychic. Piccolo says that now is not the time to chat and asks where Vegeta is. Bulma doesn't know because they don't live together, but he should come because he's training hard. Goku knows it's coming. Tenshinhan says he left Chiaotzu behind. Although he had trained for it, he was not ready for this fight.

Gohan asks the time and Bulma says 9:30. Goku says she should go home now, but Bulma says she hasn't seen artificial people yet and won't leave. Some more time passes and Kuririn asks if the kid's tail was cut off while Gohan plays with Trunks. Piccolo says someone is coming, even if he's not evil. Gohan asks if it's Vegeta, but Kuririn says he's evil. A small air car arrives and Goku says it's Yajirobe and asks if he came to fight. But it only has a little sense from Karin. Goku is happy, and then Yajirobe gets into his car. He says he's not stupid like them and doesn't want to die, then leaves. Tenshinhan thinks it's strange that there are 10 of them, but he doesn't sense a trace of the enemy. Yamcha thinks there aren't really any artificial humans, but Bulma says he said "about 10:00" and it's only 10:17 right now. But Yamcha says that they would feel their strong ki if they were anywhere on Earth.

Just then, there is an explosion in the air. It's Yajirobe's car. Piccolo says look, there's something there; they attacked! He then sees them going down to the city, but no one really looks at them. Goku says he didn't feel their ki at all and wonders what to do with it. Gohan says they are artificial humans so maybe they don't have ki. And in the middle of the big street in the city, there is an old man with a mustache and long white hair, and the other is a small, fat, pale person. Each of them wears a hat with the Red Ribbon logo on it. Artificial people have appeared!