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Piccolo says that if they can't sense their ki, they'll have to look for it with their eyes. Goku agrees that they should all go look, but warns them not to get too close and to let everyone know if you find them. So he flies down to the city. Goku lands on top of a building and wishes Trunks would show him a photo of them or something. Kuririn is on the sidewalk wondering who they are while some guy nearby is freaking out about Kuririn flying. Kuririn asks the guy if he saw anyone suspicious and he says, “Yeah! You…” Piccolo and Tenshinhan also land as Gohan helps Yajirobe (who crashed in the ocean) and Yamcha runs down the aisle. The artificial people are standing on the road somewhere in the city and two guys ask them if they saw the car explode. The fat, pale artificial human says nothing and then headbutts one of the guys and punches the other. Then a car comes and the driver yells at the old artificial people for standing in the middle of the road. The old artificial human puts his fist through the hood and pulls out some wires. He then grabs the driver by the neck, lifts him (still by the neck) over the roof of the car, and then squeezes his neck until he jumps off his shoulders. The woman sees this and screams, which Yamcha hears and he rushes over. The woman runs away and the old man, the artificial human, starts beeping.

The old artificial man notes that there is a human coming this way with an unusually high energy signal, but questions if it is a malfunction of the search system. The fat pale artificial man says that he is not working properly (referring to the elder as number 20) because he has caught the same energy (Knowing that the artificial old man is number 20, the fat pale artificial man must be #19). #20 notes that the data far exceeds normal human data, and #19 says that they unexpectedly found him... Son Goku!

Yamcha says that this is the area where he heard the screams coming from and notices that #19's two guys have been beaten to the ground. He then sees some people in the window of the building and asks them if they saw who killed these two. They say they were two strange people, but now they are gone. Yamcha gets angry, but thinks he should at least call the others for now. The artificial humans are now in the air and #19 says, “No, that's not Son Goku. The data does not match. 96% chance it's a person named Yamcha." The two land behind Yamcha, who thinks maybe he shouldn't call the others. Yamcha turns and asks them if they saw where the two assassins went. Yamcha takes a good look at them and then he realizes... #20 says, "It's us." Yamcha starts to call out to the others, but #20 puts his hand over Yamcha's mouth and holds him in the air. Yamcha thinks his power is... And then, #20 drives the other arm right into Yamcha's chest and out of his back.