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Goku and everyone fly through the air and Kuririn asks Yamcha what he meant by their power being absorbed. "What happened? I don't know, but just by him grabbing me, my power quickly turned into nothing." Bulma thinks that Dr. Gero must have come up with something amazing. Gohan says he has to hurry and tell them and flies off. Kuririn follows suit to bring them senzu. Yamcha says he doesn't understand and follows him as well, knowing he can't do anything but watch. Then Bulma looks at Yajirobe and asks if he is coming too. Yajirobe emphatically says no. Bulma wonders aloud to hear how strong Yajirobe is, and that surely a stronger person would be a great help in saving Earth and his friends in a time like this. Yajirobe meekly replies that he assumes so, and Bulma yells at him for being so uncaring. "You can't feel anything?! You're the worst!!!" Yajirobe says it's not his fault he can't fly.

Number 20 tells Goku that it's far enough and thinks this place will suit their needs. The artificial people land and it's a rocky desert place with lots of little mountains and the rest of them land too. Piccolo thinks he chose this place to hide behind the rocks. Out of breath, Goku tells them to explain how they know so much about them now. No. 20 says fine, but thinks they might regret hearing that. Tenshinhan wonders why Goku is so out of breath since all he did was fly. No. 20 begins to explain. “Son Goku… We have been thoroughly spying on you. Using super small insect robots... During the Tenka'ichi Budōkai, during the fights with Piccolo and Vegeta... In other words, since you destroyed the Red Ribbon Army, we have continued your research. To defeat Son Goku somehow... Maybe some artificial humans could win against him...”

Goku realizes that it was all just for revenge against him. "That's right!! Because of you, the Red Ribbon Army's dreams of world domination were destroyed and only Dr. Gero survived." Piccolo says he sounds like he's Dr. Gero the way he talks. “Don't be ridiculous…! I am Dr. Gero's creation, Artificial Human #20. Dr. Gero is dead and no longer in this world.” Goku asks if he was also spying on his fight on the planet Namek. “It wasn't needed. By the time of the fight with the Weed, we had a perfect understanding of your strength and techniques. After that, assuming your skills continued to develop, we calculated that due to aging, you won't have any more drastic power ups than before…” Gohan, Yamcha, and Kuririn search for the others, but they can't find them because they aren't fighting yet, so they didn't raise their ki .

Goku tells them that they forgot to explore the most important point and that will be their downfall. Piccolo says they didn't know about Super Saiyan, how Goku transforms. Then Yamcha and everyone smell him and head that way. Tenshinhan is surprised at how incredible Goku's ki is now. Goku tells him and Piccolo not to help because these guys are targeting him. “You seem to have accomplished quite a feat. A special technique... Much larger than our calculations. However, it is nothing to worry about. Of course I am, but even #19 is at a level that is enough to defeat you.” Goku immediately wants to see that power and rushes forward to #19.