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"What? You're on your own?! You're going to smash me to pieces?!" Vegeta says it is, and Cell thinks he's just talking nonsense. #18 agrees that Vegeta doesn't stand a chance and tells #16 that it would be a good chance to escape. Number 16 says they should wait for the fight to begin. However, he thinks it's strange that Vegeta's fighting power has greatly increased since then. Vegeta says wiping the stupid grin off Cell's face and Trunks thinks his father intends to "become" him. Vegeta then launches. At God's Palace, Piccolo says it begins. He has his turban and cape rediscovered and says that Vegeta will show them his Super Saiyan strength. Meanwhile, Goku and Gohan are in the Room of Spirit and Time. Gohan says it's all white, he feels heavy and hot and it's hard to breathe. Goku says that when the door is closed, the outside world is completely sealed off, he can no longer feel Cell or Vegeta's ki.

Goku tells Gohan that there is a bathtub and a toilet to the left and there is food over there. And in the front is where he didn't last more than a month as a child. Gohan says it's really vast and there's nothing here. Goku says it has the same amount of space as Earth and if you go too far there you will get lost and die. The temperature varies from 50° to -40°, the atmosphere is about a quarter of Earth's, and the gravity is ten times that of Earth. Goku says they will start training now and first make Gohan a Super Saiyan. Gohan thinks he might interfere with his father's training, but Goku says it would be a great help to have a good opponent. Goku says he wants to surpass Super Saiyan and be stronger than anyone else, but he intends for Gohan to be even stronger. Gohan says that in the future, Trunks was a Super Saiyan, but he was still killed by artificial humans. Goku says that it's already a lot different from Trunks' future, and besides, Gohan didn't train here in the future. Meanwhile, Vegeta continues to charge and everyone is amazed at his strength. The weed is finally done and noticeably bulkier, with thicker and bushier hair. Cell is shocked and Vegeta flies forward and hits Cell hard in the gut.