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Cell grabs his stomach as Vegeta punches him again, knocking him back a bit. But Cell jumps back to his feet and punches Vegeta. But Vegeta grabs his arm and slams him to the ground. Cell stands up and Vegeta kicks him, sending Cell flying through a nearby mountain. Kuririn flies along with the controller saying that Vegeta's ki is even greater than Cell's and heads towards them. Vegeta flies to Cell, still in ruins, and Cell stands up and says he'll take it seriously now too. Vegeta says he already thought Cell was serious. Cell laughs and then starts powering up.

Gohan tries to become a Super Saiyan, but Goku tells him that he is just cultivating his ki. He needs to get angry, but Gohan says he can't. Goku tells him to imagine him or Piccolo being killed by Cell, but Gohan says he's never seen Cell. So Goku tells him to imagine Freeza. Gohan tries but fails. Goku says that it was hard for him and Vegeta, so there's no need to rush. Meanwhile, Cell has finished powering up and Vegeta says that he is quite the battle force, but something is wrong. Kuririn is above the island and realizes that Vegeta and Cell are fighting. Cell flies up to Vegeta and punches him in the face, knocking Vegeta a bit, but not off his feet. Vegeta straightens and smiles, realizing that this is Cell's level. Cell does not believe that he is really Vegeta. "I'm not. I'm Super Vegeta."